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7 Tips to Be a More Sustainable Traveler

If you are one of the lucky ones that have the opportunity to travel the world and experience different countries, cultures, and wildlife. Then take care of the planet, when being around the globe reduce your impact! Be a responsible…

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25 Pictures of my Life as a 25 Year Old Solo Female Traveler

My Birthday is coming up very fast! What should I do, now when I’m turning 26? Will I still be young? Is it still acceptable to spend Sundays in bed eating chocolate for breakfast and watch Netflix? I have already…

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21 Pictures of the City Life in Madrid

Sharing some of my newest discoveries in Madrid. I’m liking it her, sun and 19 degrees in November! That is a great change for a Norwegian girl that is used to snow, darkness, minus degrees and wool clothes.    …

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7 Beautifuel & Blissful Beaches in Colombia in South America
7 Things to Do Around the World, Colombia, South America, The World

7 Blissful Beaches in Colombia

If you know me, you know I have a deep passion for beaches, crystal clear blue water, saltwater and vitamin C! That is far away from Norway and 0 degrees. Today, I want to escape! All the way back to…

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Moving to Madrid & Master Degree at EAE Business School
Europe, Postcard, Spain

Moving to Madrid & Master Degree at EAE Business School

After a struggle with my luggage on nothing more than 32 kg, I finally made the security control! At least I’m on the way to my new life in Madrid. That’s right I’m moving to Madrid!   What I’m going…

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Norway is one of The Best Solo Female Traveler Destination!
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7 Reason Why: Norway is The Best Solo Female Traveler Destination!

Norway is the best solo female traveler destination in the world. Why is this? Is it because of the beautiful scenery like Geiranger and Fjord Norway? Or perhaps it’s a low crime rate and the fact that almost everyone speaks…

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Visting San Andres Island in Colombia, year 2017
7 Things to Do Around the World, Colombia, The World

7 Great Things to Do in San Andres Island

San Andres, Island Paradise in Colombia! Under the Coconut three we stay in Colombia or at least in San Andres! If you are not from Colombia, maybe this is the first time hearing about San Andres Island? It is a…

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7 Great Things to Do in Stockholm on a Weekend + Free Walking Tour
7 Things to Do Around the World, Sweden

7 Great Things to Do in Stockholm

If you want an escape for the relaxed urban traveler, then I would recommend Stockholm the capital of Sweden. It is neither too big or too small; it has the right amount of coziness between 14 islands, ferries and walking…

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7 Things to Do Around the World, Europe, Monaco

7 Great Affordable things to do in Monaco

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. Monaco is the playground for the rich and famous in the Mediterranean and the glamorous getaway if you like champagne, cars, and casino.     There are other…

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We went exploring the National Tourist Route of the coast of Helgeland and then further on to Lofoten. This Road Trip includes 2 of the 18 scenic National Tourist Route in Norway, that consist of scenic lookout points, visitor centers, bridges and public toilets. When being on a road trip, it is all about the stops along the road and the journey. Let's not forget the cinnamon rolls! We had long days in the cars with 5 hours driving almost every day sometimes even a bit more because the ferries do take their time on these two National Tourist Routes.
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Road Trip in Northern Norway with Lofoten & Helgeland

5 Days Road Trip in Northern Norway Northern Norway in 5 days or 1 286 kilometers – (PART 1 Google Map Route) & (PART 2 Google Map Route) is maybe not the best way to see Northen Norway. We managed…

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