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10 Beautiful places to visit whenever

10 Beautiful places to visit as young or whenever in any age. I really don´t think age should be a restrictions for discovering the world. I can understand that it sometimes is more easier when you are young and free. We can travel, if we want to make it happen. These are 10 Beautiful places  from my round the world travel – RTW, that will a be on going thing for the rest of my life (Sorry, to tell you that mum). 10 Beautiful places are from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Argentina, Ecuador, Norway, Belize, New Zealand, Peru and United states of America

10 Beautiful places around the world

to visit whenever you feel the need for adventure




1. Seven Mile Bridge – United States of America

The best thing about this trip was doing it with my sister. She is an awesome travel companion and also a great buddy when diving. Of course we tracked down the 10 highlights from the Road trip in the Keys of Florida. We loved the seven mile bridge, then again the Key Lime Pie was fantastic as well. Overall a great trip to do when being in Florida, specially with family, friends or just an awesome sister




2. Mildford Sound – New Zealand

One of the 7 Best places to visit in New Zealand is of course the famous Mildford Sound, a stunning fjord view that is outrageous spectacular. It was beautiful, but for a Norwegian girl, it wasn’t something new. We all know that the Geirangerfjord in Norway is quite a scene as well.




3. Galapagos – Ecuador

Animal paradise Galápagos was an amazing experience. I decided to stay 12 days in San Cristóbal the best island in Galápagos, if you ask me. Then again, I didn’t visit the other islands – ¡No pasa nada! Disfruta en todo dia en San Cristóbal.  In English, for me:  it didn’t matter, I enjoyed every day in San Cristóbal. Even asked myself 6 question about Galápagos. Where the best experience was swimming with sea lions. Oh, yeah –  diving with hammerhead sharks was wicked!!!




4. Dalsnibba  1500 MASL – Norway

The greatest part with this travel was that it was a road trip with my grandparents, they are just love. It was a great day with them and a great day in the fjord of Norway. It was the first time I went exploring Dalsnibba, 1500 MASL with a crazy beautiful panorama view over the Geirangerfjord.




5. Adam´s Peak – Sri Lanka

This is the ultimate travel experience, I had so far in my travel life. I cant explain it, the atmosphere and they prayers of the Buddhist people praying for the sunrise above the sky, was goosebumps and such a free moment in life. Blessed to be alive and able to explore the worlds beauty. If you ever go to Sri Lanka, you should do the Adam´s Peak Climb with 5 381 steps. It is one of 7 highlights of the hill country in Sri Lanka.

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6. Nangyuan Island – Thailand

When being in Thailand, and when being at the island paradise of Koh Tao. You have the opportunity to jump over to this Nangyan Island,  let me just say it right now – DO IT. This is where you take your postcard home to the family, or let be honest again – this is where you take the picture to your facebook and instagram, make the universe jealous on you for sometime.




7. La Boca – Argentina

The colorful neighborhood is something you just need to do. Because you want to have really cool and colorful pictures for social media life. When you are done with that, it´s time to do the important things in Buenos Aires – the Top 10 places to eat in Palermo, is required need to fulfill. A proper meat meal from the Argentinean Cow and some exquisite Malbec wine from Mendoza.

If you need a break from the city life go and check out the Iguazu falls for stunning pictures.




8. Machu Picchu – Peru

What I love about this trip, was the decision on making the trip to Machu Picchi on a budget with my two new friends from Germany and Argentina. What a crazy adventure, but with a stunning scenery. Machu Picchu, once in a life time. Just do it before you die.

Be careful when traveling with food allergy  in the world. Even in Cusco.




9. La isla Bonita – Belize

Last night I dreamt of San Pedro..

Tropical the island breeze
All of nature wild and free
This is where I long to be
La isla bonita

Diving in the Blue Hole was far by the most extreme thing I did on my trip. Watching a girls live getting saved by inches, was crazy. What people do for money in this world, is sick! Poor girl, she didn’t know better. After the lunch our divemaster tell us that the day before our dive two guys just went down in the Blue Hole.

The two last dive on the blue hole was great and the second dive was the best.





Last and the best part of the 10 Beautiful places is the world! An amazing world with incredible people and amazing stories. My number one reason for traveling is my curiosity for the people around the world. I love discovering how people live and love. I think it is fascinating to see that, when we are born we are all equal, but in the environment and with the community we get shaped in many ways. The world is amazing and exquisite universe. I will have to explore more.



Where is your next destination?