21 Pictures of the City Life in Madrid

Sharing some of my newest discoveries in Madrid. I’m liking it her, sun and 19 degrees in November! That is a great change for a Norwegian girl that is used to snow, darkness, minus degrees and wool clothes.



Malasaña, the cool & alternative Neighborhood of Madrid





Luna de Octubre – The Moon of October

Art Project in Madrid.



The Future of the World

Germany, Brasil, Norway, Colombia, Denmark, Puerto Rico and Venezuela – My classmates! They are awesome!



La Bicicleta

La Bicicleta is one of my new favorite spots in Madrid. Great breakfast place and at night it is packed with people as well! In the heart of Malasaña.




Cafe Federal

Cafe Ferdal is another hotspot in Malasaña, an Australian concept in Spain, I will approve it since we are in Spain!




Malasaña and Plaza del dos de Mayo to the right





The First concept Cafe, I went to in Spain!




Instagram Worthy, but a Disaster to Eat

La Pecera should be done when being around in Malasaña.




Plaza de Las Comendadoras

I love the light in this plaza.




International Master degree are the Best,

Hi Puerto Rico!

This girl is such a strong one! I feel her pain for not being home at Puerto Rico. This is where she should be! Then she can return even stronger back to Puerto Rico with even more power!


Olive because it is a Local Place

I go to Olive to read my Spanish children book: Manolito Gaftoas and to listen carefully to the locals talking about life, then I maybe understand half of it and sometimes with luck more or less everything.


The Morning Light in Madrid






Hay Mira, Que Chulo!! Frida in Chueca

Frida in Chueca is cool! Honestly, I was not supper imprest by the food, but I will give it more than one try. What is wrong with my pretty dish down their? It was cold, the egg was not poached it was closer to boiled. I hoped there would be more arepa. I liked the Latina Egg’s Benedict in flavours.



Flower Power in Tirso de Molina Metro Stop

El Rastro flea market should be done when you have a sunday for some relaxed strolling in Latina.



City Center in Madrid is Easy Walking Distance