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25 Pictures of my Life as a 25 Year Old Solo Female Traveler

My Birthday is coming up very fast! What should I do, now when I’m turning 26? Will I still be young? Is it still acceptable to spend Sundays in bed eating chocolate for breakfast and watch Netflix? I have already discovered one grey hair and let’s not talk about wrinkles. I’m getting old, but still fabulous?


I’m still fabulous; I’m happy with myself turning 26! I lived another day and another year! Life is good, even so, I don’t maybe have a dream job and an apartment yet – Who says that’s the dream? I still have goals! I’m currently attacking my master degree in Project Management in Madrid, which has been a rollercoaster so far! And I’m always trying to learn Spanish! How many languages do you speak?


Life as a 25-Year-Old Solo Female Traveler


I’m hustling through life with an enormous amount of pleasure! Turning another year, well that is a party! I loved being 21 and being this curious girl about the world. Now becoming 26 years old and can say that I have traveled as a solo female traveler around Oceania, Asia, South America, North America and Europe. For me, that’s pretty bad ass statement! I enjoy being a bad ass woman: That has explored and done what I wanted to do! Seen Machu Picchu and Galapagos, I did not wait for my honeymoon, because who knows when that can be. . . ?


Becoming 26 years old, I will handle it with style and a happy attitude. After 25 years old on the planet, I have started to learn things about life. Everything solves at some point, it just a matter of time and passion. What more can I say? Since, I do not have an apartment, boyfriend, children, dog, car and a dream job, you will not see pictures of that.


I will still show you 25 pictures of my life as 25 years old Solo Female Traveler. I support anyone that want’s to do their thing! Because it’s your life! As long as people are happy, let them do their life, happiness is better than bad dreams.



1. Discovering the Art District in Miami

In this picture, I’m thrilled it is the day before, my three months travel in Colombia. I love that I have family in Florida. I enjoy visiting them and see how the American and the Norwegian cultures are melting together in the family. I recommend visiting Wynwood ART district!


Life as a 25-Year-Old Solo Female Travler


2. One of my First Days in Colombia

This year as a 25-year-old, I decided to travel to Colombia as a Solo Female Traveler.  It went great! I had an Amazing time in Cartagena de Indias, and I did feel that Getsemani was my neighborhood. I’m sure; my previous life has been in Cartagena, I felt very much at home in this beautiful cost of Colombia.


3. Finding Tranquility in Costeno Beach

When you discover that special place, and you want it never to change because it is excellent. That is Costeno Beach! I stayed at beach for four days just enjoying the calming sound of the waves and the more profound conversation about life. No wifi and more time to be present! It is a hard decisons for the companies to make, but truly worth it! Thet atmosphere change. The quality of doing nothing is something people need to learn. It is okay sometimes to take a break an unplug from the world and just be in touch with you and yourself.


4. Visiting Providencia & The Pirate Land

Maybe my best decision in Colombia. Exploring Providencia an untouched Island when it comes to Tourisme. This Island has been a hidden gem due to Colombia dark history. It is the perfect Island for Pirates as well for Drug Lords. It has a short way to Nicaragua and further one. Let’s not talk about that. We never talked about that on the Island. We spoke about paradise, don’t worry be happy! Let’s not forget the sea with seven colors and fantastic diving!

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5. NO-PLAN but still Exploring

Wherever the wind takes you! In this day I ended up going on a boat tour around the Island with Bill Clinton in Providencia.

6. Visiting San Andres Island

I love the islands, doesn’t matter where in the world as long as it is an Island, I will go: Koh Tao Island, Galapagos Island and this time San Andres island the big brother to Providencia Island. In San Andres, it is more people and more tourists, but still, a great place to be.




7. Visiting Johnny Cay

Sometimes you just get a get that insane tan! I feel wonderful when being like a coconut; it is something with a sunkissed skin compared to the Norwegian Viking skin that is dead white and dried out from the minus degrees. Why this picture? Because who knows when I will be a coconut again!




8. Old Town of Cartagena de Indias

I loved walking around inside of the Old Town of Cartagena. Getting surprised with all the crispy clear colors.



9. Meeting Other Norwegians on the Road

After two days in Colombia, this man walked into my hostel and suddenly we where talking Norwegian. I loved meeting Haavard because we have the same passion for life! I didn’t matter that he was Norwegian because we bought had the same flow and attitude about life. I usually try to escape Norwegians when traveling because if I want Norwegians, I can stay at home in Norway. Haavard was accepted!



10. Barranquilla Me Quedo!

I want Barranquilla! I want Shakira and more! The picture is from the Carnival in Barranquilla which happens every year in February; this was crazy fun. We ended up dancing the night away with the youth from Barranquilla, dancing Salsa, Champeta, and Salsa shock!




11. Salento The World’s Tallest Palm Trees

Salento is a must discover when being in Colombia. I did it even so I had an allergic reaction to nuts in the restaurant the day before and no food in my stomach. I had decided to see the world highest palm trees in the World no matter what.



12. Why do I travel as a 25-Year-Old Solo Female Traveler?

Because I can. Because we can do it. This picture was on the 8th of March! The International Women’s day. Keep empowering each other and keep inspiring!



13. Medellin and Food Poison

After three days of not holding any food or fluid. I started to be very worried about my health in Colombia. I checked in to Hotel that was eating my money fast, but I had a divine bad, room service and private bathroom. Sometimes that is worth the money. I recovered, this was hard! I ended up in the hospital and did not see anything of Medellin. Maybe my worst days as 25-year-old.




14. First Time Taking Selfies in the World’s Most Populated Island

In Santa Cruz del Islote everyone is family. I can understand why because when you live in World’s most populated Island per square meter it’s better to be family than enemies.




15. Falling in Love with Cartagena de Indias

Can you understand why?




16. Movich Hotel and Infinity Pool

Movich Hotel was such a great day as 25-year old, carefree and just enjoying the day in the pool.




17. Spanish Class in Cartagena de Indias

I have this goal that one day, I will hopefully speak better Spanish than a foreigner and more like a local. I hope that the goal will be realized next year, after ten months in Madrid. We should all learn something new even do we get older and smarter. As long as you live there are lessons to be learned.




18. First time Visiting Northern Norway

I only had to turn 25, before visiting the Northen part of Norway. What a spectacular part of my Norwegian Country! Picture is on the ferry from Bodø to Lofoten. Yes, it is in the summer with 14 degrees and wind.




19. Family Vacation with Road Tripping Northern Norway

I enjoy traveling the world, but I love spending time with the family as well. These five days on a road trip in Northern Norway was a blessing and indeed a great break from work back in Oslo. Best of all it was with the family.




20. Exploring Sakris Island in Lofoten, Norway

For me, this was the most scenic place of Lofoten.



21. Visting my Best Friend in Stockholm, Sweden

We used to live in Oslo, then things changed, and now we are doing our studies but in different parts of Europe. That’s okay, but that doesn’t mean I’m not missing her!


Exploring Stockholm with my best friend and her inside information about the city was one of the best weekends as 25-year-old.



22. Exploring the Yach Life in Cannes

It sounds like a cool experience, I went to South of France and explored the Riviera and being paid for it. Let’s be honest it was not a vacation it was hard work.




23. After-Work with this View, Antibes – Juan Les Pins

It was hard work, but it was fun as well.




25. Master Degree in Project Management at EAE Business School

Then in October, I moved to Madrid, this is where i will start my 26-year on this planet. I’m excited about that.





Thank you for the year as 25! I’m Ready for the 26-year on the planet! 🙂