3 ways to reduce stress in your travel

Learned the hard lesson back in Australia (2014), exhausted in to the first days of my three months travel. Tears and Panic, and asking myself:  How I would survive three months of traveling. What a ridiculous decision to not have a plan. Who do you think you are, to not have a plan! Seriously, not doing research on where to sleep can cost you a lot of pain, and more stress then you need. Back in Australia, I had a combination of everything or a lack of everything. I had this vision about not having a plan is so cool and easy-going. What a mistake. Ended up at the most horrible backpacker´s in my life and didn’t know how I was gonna spend my short time in Australia. I didn’t know how to make the best of it.

It was time to solve the problem and make a new path. I ended up planing my adventure and having a great adventure in Australia. When you have a plan with: When,where and what, there is less stress and more time to enjoy! When you have limited time, planning is even more important. You actually don’t have time to miss the first booking our not catch the first bus. A good plan makes it a good Adventure. Of course, I don’t mean that you should plan everything, the things that can make a lot of stress on your traveling should be planed. It´s individual on what stress a person. Her is what I think is important



How to; Reduce Stress while Traveling is by doing: Project Planning in Traveling




Plan before going

Reduce Stress and Enjoy more

Preparation gets you ready to actually travel and enjoy the journey.

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1. Arrival

How are you getting there? What is the best option bus or..? Do the research it prepares you. I also like to make quick googeling on how to get from the local bus station to the hostel and maybe check if the hostel have a pick up from the bus station. If I arrive by airplane, what is the best way to get from the airport to the city, should I spend money on taxi or are the public buses or train. How much will it costs me.Take out Cash in the ATM for local currency, make sure I have some change, if I’m taking taxi – Or maybe I per-booked it before arriving, so I know I could get easily to my hostel, with no stress.

At departure: I always ask where I’m staying they always know the best option. I love people in the front desk, they do amazing jobs with answering all my question. They are the best, they have all the good information and knowledge about the place, so you should use them for it.

Packing list – Hand luggage: Why? Pack things that reduce stress 

Boarding pass, passport, copy of flight information, copy of transportation and accommodation plans and the address of where you are staying. Necessary for immigration in many countries. Easy to point the address to a taxi driver. Also if your phone is flat on battery, you still have the information.  

Underwear, change of cloths, toothbrush – toothpaste, deodorant,face wipes and Cream,
Snacks – Nutrition bars or something that can keep you alive in desperate times, and a water bottle.

Ear plugs, eye mask and a big scarf (215 cm x 90 cm). I have a alpaca scarf it has saved me so many times where the air-condition has been terrible. (I normally don’t keep it warm with the one I get at the airplane, sometimes they don’t have more blankets). Just bring a big scarf, it is always nice. It is my best travel product.


2. Accommodation

That is so important. This is where you are supposed to get some more energy. You don’t wanna be in a crazy backpacker, where you can never sleep because it´s always a party. Or if you like party all the time, then go for it. I need my beauty sleep so I can go on crazy adventures in daylight as well. So do some research on how it looks like, what people are saying and how is the place to everything. Do you get any free breakfast and Wifi?

If you are traveling long-term at one destination. Just book the first day, so you have time to look around and find out which neighborhood/area you should stay at. I love

3. Activities

What should you do on your new place? What is the best activities the destination has to offer. Have a quick research before going, so you don’t have to spend a whole day figuring out on what you want to do. I will assume most people actually do this. Since, I was in Australia with no plan and no idea on what to do, so I’m just saying – Google it. Start thinking about it. I did know I wanted to see the Opera house in Australia and Bondi beach, that was pretty much it. Seriously, So bad. Also and important part is that have saved enough money to do all these fun Activities.

Make a list: Restaurants and other activities that is of interest. Then you don’t have to be totally lost when arriving, and don’t know what to do.



When you are prepared

You reduce stress and have more time to enjoy


Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

– Stephen Keague


Crazy Adventures

  – See you out there!