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7 Great things to do in Alicante

Why go to Alicante? If you need a small getaway with culture, tasty food, and nifty beaches? Alicante is the place for you! It is not a massive city or neither too small; it is perfect for a weekend getaway. When having 72 hours, there is a considerable amount of time for exploring great things to do in Alicante and Costa Blanca.


Great things to do in Alicante

View from the Marina with Great things to do in Alicante


1. The Grand Marina

When entering Alicante the first things you see is the harbor and it large breakwater that protects it. The Marina is a bewitching place to walk around and daydream about the lavish yachts that are laying in it. Who knows maybe one day you will have your private yacht? The Marina is a charming place to walk around in the evening with the fresh sea breeze coming in and cooling the city down a couple of degrees.



The Harbour is great for walking around in Alicante


2. The Old City – El Barrio Viejo

I rented a room with AirBnB just in the center of the old Barrio neighborhood – Plaza San Cristobal. You should walk around in the charming narrow streets of the old city, it is beautiful and gives you the authentic feel for the city. The Old City is also the area where you will find the nightlife. The streets in the Old City is a complete change from day-to-night.


Use booking.com for finding your hotel, and they’ll say thank you for a $ 15 gift for both of us.


Old City of Alicante

Caminando en Barrio Viejo en Alicante

Alicante Panorma view

3. Playa de Postiguet – A Classic City Beach

Playa de Postiguet is the beach in the heart of Alicante City Center. It is a beautiful and clean city beach with close access to everything. That is why I liked it. There is no hassle to go or to leave. The beach is just there to enjoy.



7 Great things to do in Alicante

4. Castillo de Santa Bárbara

One of Spain largest Medieval fortresses!

Built in 400 B.C, it has contained all sorts of people and purposes. Romans and Arabs used it drawbridges, battery, hospitals, dungeons and of course more. It is a free attraction to see if you walk up the hill to reach the Castle. The reward is a spectacular panorama view over Alicante, the mountains, and the sea. If you don´t fancy to walk, you can always take the elevator up to the castle from the Avenue de Juan Bautista Lafora. Remember this is an excellent way to get space for more tapas and wine in the stomach.

The elevator ride will cost you a small fee, and guided tours cost €3 EUR.
 Castillo de Santa Bárbara is one of many Great things to do in Alicante

 Castillo de Santa Bárbara in Alicante

 Castillo de Santa Bárbara in Alicante view of the castel


5. Playa de San Juan

The Beach San Juan is the most delightful beaches of them all, and it is five kilometers from Alicante city center. You can easily go there by tram it will take you 20 min from Alicante C.C. This beach is perfect for a whole day with sunbathing and relaxation! The water is clear, clean and beautiful to swim in. On the promenade, there is plenty of choices in cafés, restaurants, and shops, everything that can make it a convenient beach to spend a day.




Play de San Juan close to ALICANTE CITY



6. Tabarca Island

We all love a little getaway; this is why we have the small island with the name Tabarca. Just 50 minutes outside of Alicante, you can escape to Tabarca Island surrounded by the blue waters and the Mediterranean Sea. The only inhabited island in the region.


It is Mediterranean Marine Reserve which gives the opportunity to snorkel and dive around the island to see the marine life. The Island has unremarkable biodiversity of flora and fauna.


I spent my day in a secret natural bay towards the lighthouse and away from the main beach. I finished off my day with walking in the main street and eating some delicious fresh seafood in the restaurant that the island inhabited. You find the boat in the port of Alicante – the name of the company is Cruceros Kon Tiki the trip coast 19 EUR.


 Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island in the main street - close to alicante city

Tabarca Island weekend getaway from Alicante


7. Discovering the best Mojito at El Coscorrón

For me, this was the coolest place of all the bars and nightclubs in Alicante. You enter by a small window-door, and suddenly you are in the dungeon of Mojito heaven at El Coscorrón Bar. Seriously good Mojitos! El Coscorrón is one of the most refreshing things to do in Alicante!! They make them non-alcoholic as well.

Discovering the best Mojito at El Coscorrón in Alicante centrum

Best Mojito at El Coscorrón in Alicante

El Coscorrón – Calle de Tarifa, 3 – 03002 Alicante


Other things to do in Alicante

Well finding great food is some of the most important things to do in Alicante. I recommend walking in Calle San Francisco that have Mushrooms sculptures on the Street. In this street, there are many delicious tapas places where you can discover the richness and tastiness of Spanish food.


Stop by El garaje bar is a place where the locals go and get generous food portions and fair prices. Enjoy this place! My favorite La Taberna San Pascual, excellent service, deliciously tasty food, great atmosphere, lovely table wine and reasonable prices.


Other things to do in Alicante is the Mercado Central, go her to get the freshest fruit and a feel for where the local go and do their everyday shopping. Stroll Explanada de Espana and watch the people.


If you have more than 72 hours, you should add Benidorm and Altea on your list for some exploring. Altea is one of the most charming towns of the Cost Blanca, North. A beautiful old town packed full of white houses with character and an impressive church, that is perfect for the postcard back home.
From Alicante to Benidorm and Altea you can travel with the Tram.

Alicante in another view

4.5 of 5 stars

Final Saying

There it was 7 great things to do in Alicante; I did all of these 7 things in 3 days. That was just enough exploring and enough beach time to enjoy it all. The most important thing when traveling is to have fun if it’s not fun and it’s too much to do. Don’t do it at all, slow down and enjoy the beach or that thing you decided to do. Sometimes it’s okay to just be on the beach. Sometimes that’s just what we need.


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