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7 Essential Things to do in Lima

7 Essential Things to do in Lima

When it comes to 7 Things to do in Lima, my number 1 thing is the food scene that they have.



It is maybe the grandest food scene in Latin America. You can eat everything in Lima! The City is a fusion of Amazon, Inka and the modern world. Lima is a big city with many variations and attractions! In the end it is all about what you want to experience of the city? All the choices are in Lima. Of course there are must see in Lima as in any city. Don’t miss them. Important things are: 7 Tasty Places to Eat in the City.


Lima is a great city for walking and everything can be easy walked to when you are in the neighborhood. Lima is the second-highest populated desert city in the world after Cairo. Don’t you worry it will not rain when you are walking. When I stayed in Miraflores, I used the public transportation – Metropolitano System to go into the City Center of Lima. When being in Barranco and Miraflores, I just walked around. Or there was this one time I did take a taxi, because I was tired of walking.



7 Things to do in Lima


No need for more than 2-3 days exploring Lima. It is a great city but it’s easy to cover and discover. I will give 7 essential things to do in Lima when being there for some discovering in short time.


I had 5 days in Lima, that gave me time to even charge my battery and not rush it. I could have easily done it with only 48 hours. In fact: My German friend only used a half-day waiting for his connecting flight to Germany. We did a lot on that half day. If you are machine it is possible to discover a great part of Lima in a very short time.





1. The Lima Gourmet Company

If you have a short time this tour is a must and a great introduction to the food scene and some of Lima’s different neighborhood – Miraflores and Barranco. It will show some of the main attractions in Lima. Of course making the discover of the amazing food scene in Lima. In the end you will know how to make Ceviche and Pisco Sour.


The last stop is a gourmet Peruvian lunch and dessert with the pre-Incan ruins at la Huaca Pucllana. The Lima Gourmet Company is a bit expansive but again its great value for your money. I don’t regret it, I was on my backpacking budget.


things to do in Lima is the great gourmet trip



things to do in Lima is to disvoer all the food



things to do in Lima is to visit great locations

2. La Huaca Pucllana (Museo de Sitio)

I think this is a really great site to discover. I went there with the Lima Gourmet Company. I wish had actually used more time there and get on the ruins and walked around, seen more and discover more of its history. Having a gourmet Peruvian lunch and dessert with the pre-Incan ruins at la Huaca Pucllana wasn’t bad choice either. It is pretty cool while eating your view is the ruins.


things to do in Lima discover pre-incan ruins everywhere


things to do in Lima is to take picture of yourself with famouse sites


3. Discovering Miraflores with WiFi Everywhere

It is very commercial and has casinos, fancy hotels, great shopping and tourists. Miraflores has a bit of everything, I don’t think I’m lying when I’m saying it’s the posh area of Lima. I had two days in Miraflores.


In Miraflores walk the beautiful boardwalk with the view of the Pacific ocean. Or hit the beach, either by yourself or by surfing. I was more than happy with just the boardwalk (Saving the beach time for Galápgos) Stopping at Larcomar Shopping Center for some fresh juice and nice place to relax before going to Miraflores Central Park aka Kennedy Park and visiting 50 cats. 

things to do in Lima is to walk the boardwalk in Miraflores


things to do in Lima is to watch art

things to do in Lima is to enjoy the nice climate with no rain

4. Barranco and the Bohemian lifestyle

In a 10 min taxi drive from Miraflores you have Barranco the true soul of Lime. In Barranco everything is a bit more authentic and bohemian in the atmosphere. This is the area where the local lives and this is where you go and eat with the Peruvians next to your table. I loved walking around in Barranco and discovering all the great places to eat and just enjoy the neighborhood.


In the old streets of Barranco there is a bridge – Puente De Los Suspiros. Their is a tradition, that if someone cross the bridge without breathing the first time it sees its, he or she will have a wish granted. This is the spot where the locals and tourists encounter. Often there is live music playing. It is a great area for walking and photography.


things to do in Lima is discover Barranco


things to do in Lima is to explore the colors of Barranco


things to do in Lima is for sure walking

5. Free walking tour in Centro de Lima

In the City Center sign up for a free walking tour to get the history about the building and the important sites of Lima. This is something you should do, because it is a beautiful walk with great architecture from Viceroyalty times and a view of today’s life. Plaza Mayor the heart of Lima is where your walking tour will start.


things to do in Lima is walking in the old historical places


things to do in Lima is taking pictures everywhere

6. San Francisco and the Catacombs where 75  000 bodies lie

I didn’t go to the catacombs, wasn’t sure I was going to freak out or not. I decided just to take picture outside. It is a very famous site to visit. Feel free to get nightmares whenever you are in Lima.


things to do in Lima is visiting the San Franscisco Church

7. Drink Pisco Sour and eat Cecivhe

Why you have to do this? Because if not you haven’t been in Lima neither in Peru. Definitely have stop at La Mar De Gaston in Miraflores. La Mar is number 12 out of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Seafood specialist Andrés Rodríguez hypnotize diners with a vast array of Ceviche. Definitely have some Chalaca de Causas to cure any hangover of to many Pisco Sour.

things to do in Lima is to learn how to make pisco sour for your friends back home

things to do in Lima is to eat many variaty of Ceviche


Have you been and what was your favorite things to do in Lima?

7 Essential Things to do in Lima: Miraflores for lunch & dinner in Barranco


My favorite thing in Lima was eating.