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7 Great Things to Do in Rhodes

Kalimera! Welcome to my favorite Greek Island and 7 Great things to do in Rhodes. I have visited Rhodes for three times during my last years of life, and I have lovely Greek friends from Rhodes that have contributed to some of the things to do in Rhodes. I love this little island that delivers a bit of everything; Beach, city, mountains, snorkeling, history, perfect food and great atmosphere. These seven great things do in Rhodes is some of the reason’s why I keep coming back to the Island.


7 Great Things to Do in Rhodes


7 Great things to do in Rhodes

Rhodes has one of the most favorable sunshine records of all the Med islands.



1. Walk in the Old Town  – World Heritage Site

To enter the old gates of Old Town Rhodes is to get into another world. There is endless of history and layers of life in the walls and the doors. The Christian, The Turks, The Sultan, The Knights and the defense of the city, where 2000 Christian dies, and 50 0000 Turks lost, trying to take it. The Old City of Rhodes has a soul, and are today a vibrant community with all sorts of shops, homes, and business. The best restaurant in the old city is the: Ta Petaladika 

My favorite place in Rhodes. Great food and friendly staff. The best zucchini balls with a lot of great Greek mezes and specialists. Ta Petaladiak is traditional Greek food at its very best! Is absolutely one of many things to do in Rhodes, maybe every night?


Walking in the old city one of many things to do in Rhodes - Old Town



Inside old town in RHODES

One of the best things to do in Rhodes is eating


2. The beautiful Anthony Quinn Bay

You can get to Anthony Quinn Bay either by taxi or rental car. Anthony Quinn is a great place for swimming, snorkeling and just being. You will find yourself in between Greeks and tourists, and maybe a more adult crowd. Because of the stones and the beautiful rookie downhill to reach the bay area. If you are looking for one of the highest ranked things to do in Rhodes, this is the one!! It´s an outstanding bay; it has maybe one of the clearest waters in Greece or maybe the world.


The beach is known today by the actor’s name since he bought this part of the island when filming “The Guns of Navarone.”

Things to do in Rhodes - The beautiful Anthony Quinn bay


Things to do in Rhodes . The beautiful Anthony Quinn bay



3. Eat Gyros because you are in Greece

You have to eat Gyros. That is the greatest fast food in Rhodes and all over Greece. That is just everything you need in one pita. Bring it to the beach and just enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. Be happy by just eating a pita – Gyros!


7 Great things to do in Rhodes - Gyros



4. Kalithea

Another great bay for swimming and just enjoying the Greek Island. If you want: go by boat and try your first scuba diving experience or go diving in some caves close to Kalithea. Great place to just enjoy a swim and some delicious frappé by the locals.

7 Great things to do in Rhodes - Kalithea


7 Great things to do in Rhodes

 Things to do in RHODES

Diving with Rodosdiving – It was a test dive to see if Scuba diving was for me. I felt very safe having my first dive with Rodos diving. Now I´m a rescue diver, hoping to get my divemaster shortly.

5. Lindos

Lindos is where you go to get the postcard picture for the family album aka Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It has to be one of the things to do in Rhodes because  if you haven’t been to Lindos, you haven’t been to Rhodes. If you are not staying in Lindos, I will recommend spending the day in Lindos.


Start the day with walking up the hill to The Acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel that was fortified successively by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans. The Acropolis gives it a tremendous complexity to excavate and interpret the archaeological history. The Acropolis offers you spectacular views of the surrounding area and coastline.


From the Acropolis, you will see the bay, where you will go down and take a swim. In the bay, you will meet tourist and locals and maybe if you are lucky spotting a Greek wedding. When the sun goes down, it´s time to visit a rooftop and enjoy the view of Lindos by Night at Caesar’s Mediterranean Cuisine or my Greek friend from Rhodes highly recommend Melenos.


Things to do in Rhodes is to visit Lindos



6. Kameiros & Monolithos

Kameiros an ancient city in Rhodes. Should be one of the things to do in Rhodes if you are curious about history and construction. The Acropolis in Kamerios was constructed around the sixth century BC. It has three levels, the top of the hill was the Acropolis and the temple of Athena Kameiras and the Stoa. It´s impressive to see the construction and the complexity of the buildings.


Things to do in Rhodes


Monolithos was constructed in 1480 by the Knights of Saint John to protect the island from attacks; it was never attacked. Why this is one of the things to do in Rhodes, is because of the spectacular view it delivers. When being in Monolithis area, stop by the local street vendors and buy fruit. The insane tastiness of nectarines and the honey is divine!


Things to do in Rhodes


7. Relax and enjoy being in Rhodes – Greece

When being in Rhodes or anywhere in Greece the best thing to do is just relax and just be. I hear for being on the beach in the morning, then when the sun goes down it´s time for exploring the food scene and the beautiful people, and its culture.


I have a weakness for Greece; it´s probably my second home in Europe. I love being in Rhodes and just enjoy a bit of everything. Rhodes is the perfect getaway if you have a short holiday, but want to explore more than just the beach. In Rhodes, there is something for everyone to like. The opportunity for a bit of everything is why I keep returning to this little paradise island that makes my heart slow down.


things to do in Rhodes is to eat the fresh fruit!

If you want nightlife, then visit Colorado Club Rhodes.



Are you looking for a cool place to stay in Rhodes?

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