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7 Favorite Latino Songs for the Weekend

In two days I’m going to Colombia by this let’s get the weekend started with something more than the normal top list of Western Music. Get yourself ready for Latin America. Don’t you just love it when you are traveling and realize you never listen to this music or song before? For me one of the best things about traveling is discovering the people and their life. Music is a big part of people’s life.


Bomba Estéreo – Soy Yo (Official Video) (screengrab)

Lately I have listened to a great time of Latin Music. Why? Because, I love that when Learning a new language, you can listen to anything that speaks to you. I love listening to the lyrics even do many of them are a great part about love, life, sex and more girls.

I love it when I suddenly understand half of the song. Or actually suddenly understand the meaning of it.

Want to listen to my Latino Playlist? Playlist 150 songs with LATINO


1. Hasta el Amanecer – Nicky Jam

In the disco of Alicante with my Tinder date. I listen to this song for the first time. Which is funny, because it is about a boy who don’t know the name to the girl, but it is not so important. The important thing is what the girl would like to do with the boy. Where is the girl going? This is the question! The boy want to be with the girl for sunrise.




2. Tranquila – J Balvin

Easier said than done? Even in Galápagos Island in Ecuador. They have well function DISCO. My new Galápagos friends telling me to: Tranquila, relax? Have you seen my hips or not? Of course making everything worst when they are assisting me on making the movement correctly with the hips. My first lesson in something Latino dance.




3. Travesuras REMIX – Nicky Jam

On my first dive in Galápagos!! This is what comes out from the boats speaker. Like there is so much expression. I’m glad that it is in Spanish, because that was a lot of affection early in the morning.



4. Sorry Latino REMIX  – Justin Bieber

When you think: Finally a song I know and I can actually sing along with the song and then all the sudden it is in spanish. Why? Because you are in Latin America!! Claro, Que si.




5. Me Voy Enamorando REMIX – Chino & Nacho

Somewhere it was one my Spotify playlist. I love it. It is about falling in love.




6. Otra Vez – Zion & Lennox (fest. J. Balvin)

Exactly one more time! I’m going to visit Latin America. This is why I like this song, because I’m going to back to a continent I love. It is exactly in Cartagena the adventure starts – Precisamente en Cartagena!



7. Soy Yo – Bomba Estéreo

This is a new cool band to follow from Colombia! Soy Yo is all about having confidence about being you. If someone tell you other ways, just tell I am who I am – Soy Yo!!




Do you have any favorite Latino or Travel Song Memory?