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7 Tasty places to eat the best burger in Oslo

The best burger in Oslo, is all about your own preferences. That´s up to you to decide where that will be. Now you have 7 tasty places to discover your own preference of the best burger in Oslo. My personal favorite are number 7, 4 and 1.

I love eating burgers. They are one of my favorite thing to do in the city, finding the greatest burger. That delivers everything you need, tasty meat, perfect spicy and juicy with the best fries and the most exciting dipping sauce. I love traveling the world and eating burger around, see how people and different country create them. I love how the burger changes to the culture of the country at the same time is a burger.

I think the best Burger in the world for me so far is in Argentina, at Burger Joint in Palermo with cilantro mayo. In Norway in the capital of Oslo the food industry has a hang-up on burgers. There are so many burger places around, this is way I will give you: 7 Tasty places to eat burger in Oslo. You will know where to go and get the best of burger of Oslo, when visiting they city that has a major hang-up on burgers these days. Next stop will be the Mexican hang-up on Burrito.


7 Tasty places to eat the best burger in Oslo


1. Grill’s Ville, Frogner  – Perfect pit stop before hitting home at 03.00 in the morning

If you are going out in Oslo and are around the area of Solli Plass, I would highly recommend to skip McDonalds and go straight to Grill´s Ville. That is seriousley the best night food you will get in this area. Way better then McDonalds and is totally kicking 7eleven and hotdog fare down on the list. This is the place to eat by night and maybe get a kiss from a Norwegian girl. Or maybe just finishing up your Fanta soda and hit home and wake up totally good, because you had great recovery food before hitting the bed. Grills Ville is life-saver, when it comes to securing not having a major hangover the next day.

The burgers are so good and tasty. Even drunk or sober. The fries are potato boats with aioli and barbecue sauce, deliciously good and you hate it when it´s only 1 left, you maybe have to share it with your friend.

When it comes to burger in Oslo, this is a good place when being a bit drunk and crave for some insane good night snack aka the best burger in Solli area.

7 Tasty places to eat the best burger in Oslo

2. Døgnvill, Tjuvholmen – If you want nice a burger with fancy dinning

What I love about this burger place is the sweet potato fries, they are to die for, you will after finishing the burger with all the fries. You stomach is so full. It is good burger and different variations and you should try: Sterke Nile / Strong Nils. You will be close to burger heaven with some spicy flavors. The meat is the best of the Norwegian meat. The only thing I struggle with this place is that  you have to book table. Most of the time we walk their just because we decided to get burger, the rest of Oslo did as well. We have only been luck to walk in once! That was in lunch time. Maybe book a table if you really want to eat her. Since it´s at Tjuvholmen their will be business men eating burger in suits.

When it comes to burger in Oslo, this is a good place. Not my first pick.



Døgnvill Burger – Tjuvholmen

Lille Stranden 10
0252 Oslo


3. Burger Joint, Aker Brygge – Great place for a fast burger before hitting Beer Palace?

What I love about this place is that it´s not a  fancy place, it is a small hole in Aker Brygge where they serve tasty burgers. At the same time I want to go back to Argentina and eat at my real Burger Joint in Palermo. The burgers are great, the fries, well I was unlucky they served cold fries. They fixed it when I did let them know about it. I was a great truffle fries.

When it comes to burger in Oslo, this is a good place before starting your nightlife in Oslo. Maybe after the burger it´s time to visit Beer Palace that has the best choice of Beer in Oslo.

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Burger Joint – Aker Brygge


4. Kverneriet, Majorstuen – Great place for Sunday lunch and Milkshake heaven

This is the perfect spot to go and just have an easy Saturday or Sunday. Go with friends and family just eat, drink milkshake and enjoy the good burgers, the fries and all their amazing dipping sauces! Don´t have milkshake before dinner, then you will never finish the burger. Only have the milkshake after and maybe for sharing, because it´s very rich and creamy. So good!

When it comes to burger in Oslo, this is a good place for tranquility and good Sunday lunch. Try Tom Yam burger! I really like this place.


Kverneriet – Majorstuen

Kirkeveien 64B


5. Munchies – The best choice in Youngstorget if Illegal Burger is closed

When being in the city center aka Youngstorget this is a great place either for a quick bite or before hitting the nightlife scene in Oslo. They are not having a big choice of burgers, but what they have is good. I would choose them easily when being in the are, if Illegal burger is closed!

When it comes to burger in Oslo, I don´t understand why it´s such a great place. Not the best vibe place for me. Maybe it was because it was winter when eating their, it was cold inside, and I was cold of being outside.



6. Beach Club, Aker Brygge – When Døgnwill is crowded this is perfect plan B

It is an authentic restaurant, that have been in the area since 1989. It has all different preferences. They can offer you juicy thick pattie, low on salt and high on beef burger, with plain, white buns. The burgers are all served with delicious french fries and salad. If it is the best in town? That’s up to you to decide

When it comes to burger in Oslo, then this is old school still giving the newbie a run for their money. Great vibe with friends.

7. Illegal Burger, Youngstorget – When you want the best burger in Oslo

This is where my burger heart belongs, at Illegal burger is where you see the grill and at the same time it odor all over the place. This is where I go when I have sincerely cravings for the best burger in Oslo. My all time favorite Blue Cheese Bacon!! and Illegal spessial is also home runner! I love this place, at anytime during the day. I hate it when they open late on Sunday, and I end up at Munchies.


When it comes to burger in Oslo, this should be your Number 1. STOP. Because the meat and the odor of the grill makes you a very happy person. You don´t care that you look like 5 years old eating it, that´s how good it is.


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 7 Tasty places to eat the best burger in Oslo


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