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7 Tasty Places to Eat in Frogner – Oslo

Frogner is my neighborhood and at the West side of Oslo. Some of my neighbors are the Royal Palace, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Embassy buildings, many luxurious apartment buildings and exclusive stores providing the best in interior design and specialized stores. Frogner is the posh neighborhood, I´m not going to hide that. It’s my neighborhood and I love it. I love eating her!



7 Places to Eat in Frogner the West side of Oslo



7 Tasty Places to Eat in Frogner - Oslo at Urban Eatery


The best part about Frogner is that there are many great places to eat and drink. Frogner have nice gourmet restaurant’s but also the nice warm neighborhood café. I have now created the Insider tips of 7 Tasty Places to Eat in Frogner. Or where I end up ordering my food or dinning with friends when having a fun night out!


My recommendations are not the fancy and expansive places, this is the places where you will afford to eat again and again.



1. Urban Eatery at Solli Place

Urban Eatery is my new favorite when it comes to places to eat in Frogner! It have only been for a short time, they have delicious sophisticated Thai Street food. You should definitely eat the Thai Salad the Peking Duck. Do not miss the Sweet Potato fries! Best in town.

Directions by Google – Urban Eatery

Prices from 100 – 300 NOK / 15-30 USD

Love lunching at @restauranturbaneatery 🙌🏼😀

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2. El Camino in Nils Juels Street

Maybe you need a real lunch or a quick meal before hitting town, then El Camino is the place for you! It is almost like Mexico and very close to the tacos I had in the food truck in Cozumel. You can have tacos, burritos or a bowl and a lot of tortilla chips. The chocie is yours, and yes the spicy sauce is spicy.

Directions by Google – El Camino

Prices from 59 – 180 NOK / 8 – 15 USD




3. Åpent Bakeri for Breakfast or Coffee Break

Åpent Bakeri my absolutely favorite of Places to Eat in Frogner, when it comes to Breakfast or Coffee. This is the place where the locals go to get there daily dose of coffee and freshly baked bread. This the place you go to get your morning coffee after a stroll in the beautiful Frogner Park! For me the best coffee in Frogner. It is a local bakery with french pastery and a great place to enjoy the morning sun. Relax her and take at look at the local neighbors running in to get their morning bread and coffee.

Norwegians love their coffee. We normally don´t talk to each other before after the first morning cup of coffee. Then we can start the day. There is often a line at the door, this is how good the place is, just saying. Arrive early if you want to have more than just coffee.

Directions by Google – Åpent Bakeri

Prices from 39 – 180 NOK / 4 – 15 USD


🌸 saying Goodbye to Oslo for this time at @apentbakeri

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4. Schillers Tapas at Bygdøy Allé 63

If you want a dinning with great food and divine wine, then you should consider the tapas at Schillers. The closest you will get to Spain when being in Norway. This is the perfect place to go if  you are a group and ready to share some food and have a pleasant evening outside.

Directions by Google Shillers Tapas

Prices from 100 – 1000 NOK / 10 – 110 USD  depends on how many dishes and wine.


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5. Pizza Da Mimmo at Behrens 2

(Secretly the best pizza in Oslo)

Pizza da Mimmo is one of my favorite Places to eat in Frogner, when it comes to pizza! This is the best pizza in Oslo. People don´t acknowledge it because it so small. Please let´s keep it small and a well kept secret. This is real Italian Pizza! If you can´t go to Italy this summer at least you can eat pizza baked by an Italian in Oslo.

Directions by Google – Pizza Da Mimmo

Prices from 150 – 200 / 15 – 20 USD


Verdens beste pizza får du hos Pizza Da Mimmo! Topp stemning på en nydelig fredagskveld🍕#pizzadamimmo

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6. Jewel of India, Blue Elephant or Japo Sushi?

I can´t decided which of them, I should represent you, they are delicious. Jewel of India is maybe one of the best Indian restaurant in Oslo and is proper dinning and mid-range in price. Blue Elephant is causal and even great for take away food. It is real Thai, except that is not in Thailand and with out the beach. I love the food on Monday, specially If I want to quit my job and go to Thailand and live on a beautiful Island like Koh Tao.

Japo sushi has the best takeaway sushi in Frogner and all the locals go her. If you are ordering at 18:00 accept the rush hour. It´s not expensive and neither fancy. Just a quick good eat and perfect after long day with work. If you want the best sushi in Oslo, you go for Alex Sushi at Solli Place.



7. SmoothieXchange the American Way

I have to add this Smoothie Xchange place, because it´s healthy and it´s the best recovery after anything heavy the night before. It is a perfect breakfast if you are on the healthy side. It is all about fruits, vitamins, acai and healthy with no sugar.

Directions by Google – SmoothieXchange

74-80 NOK / 5-10 USD

#smoothiexchange real fruit & berries. #natural#boost

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7 Tasty places to Eat in Frogner

7 Tasty Places to Eat in Frogner, Oslo


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