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7 Travel Destination for 2016 to Add on the List

7 travel destination for 2016, is inspired on where I would like to go this year. 2016 has shown to be more difficult for me then 2015. I don´t know which travels, I can actually complete this year. I can always dream! I hope some of them will be checked of my list. I had a great travel year in 2015. In 2015, I went to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico and United States of America. It wasn’t free but, I´m forever grateful for the adventure.  Now I´m  back in Norway and I have to create some new money for more adventures.


Machu Picchu in Pictures

Machu Picchu, never gets old even do it is really old🙊 .. ❤️If you wanna go or have been or just love it .. 😊

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Travel to Machu Picchu On a Budget Or convenient 


7 travel destination for 2016 that please my adventurous heart

With limited money it is harder to travel out of the country, the solution will come and their will be travels. Maybe this year I will see north of Noway instead of somewhere outside of Norway. That is the only part of Norway, I´m missing to see. This is the year it should be checked of the list. This is my dream list for my top travel destination for 2016.



1. Lofoten

It has to be my top travel destination for 2016, because I haven’t seen this part of Norway. It is the only part missing of completing my country with my own eyes. I love that, I can actually say that I know my own country by the eyes. I have traveled it and it´s beautiful. I think before people start discovering the world they should discover their own countries beauty. I really thank my parents for showing me Norway from child to adult. They have given me the adventure of discovering the beauty of Norway. They gave me the gift to appreciate my own backyard. Maybe my sister would go kayaking with me in Lofoten this summer? That would be a great adventure! Anyone done that?


The Lofoten Islands in Norway are best explored on kayak.

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2. Paris

It has to be my top travel destination for 2016, because now I have great friends to visit their. I had this dream about going to Paris with my boyfriend on a romantic trip. Well, let´s fuck that and just go and meet up with my awesome friends. That will be so much fun, they will take me to the real Paris, and not the sweet romantic place. Why wait for the boyfriend, when you can go and find your boyfriend in Paris or just have an awesome time with your great friends. I have never visited, this is why should go as well. I want to feel the beat of this city and eat delicious pastry.



3. Tel Aviv

It has to be my top travel destination for 2016, because I have friends their and the city is awakening and becoming this really cool spot in the world with young people doing collaborative work and creating things. I want to be in the hip nightlife scenes and I want to be in the small bars that is so excellent good that you don´t go home before sunrise. I want to be in the Old streets of Tel Aviv and get lost walking. I want to Drink Coffee in every corner! I want to Discover the city and the food scene.



4. Jerusalem

It has to be my top travel destination for 2016, because I want to walk in the Footsteps of Jesus and most of all, I want to walk in the Footsteps of History from Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I want to walk in Jerusalem and feel the history on my own body and soul, be fascinated by the power history has.




5. Atlantic Ocean Road

It has to be my top travel destination for 2016, because last year my sister and I had a great road trip in the Key’s of Florida, this year we need to discover the Norwegian one!

The road is preserved as cultural heritage site and is classified as a National Tourist Route. It is a popular site to film automotive commercials, has been declared the world’s best road trip, and been awarded the title as “Norwegian Construction of the Century.


Nordmøre, Norway By: @thomaseckhoff Tag someone you would travel with ❤

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6. Medellín

It has to be my top travel destination for 2016, because I have been watching Narcos and I’m fascinated by this city. Today I´m most fascinated about how Medellín has emerged from its own ashes – reborn and released from the sentence of death, are now able to live on and competing with New York and Tel Aviv about being the most innovative city in the world. This I why I want to visit Medellín and to see how the Phoenix emerged from its own ashes.


7. Cartagena

It has to be my top travel destination for 2016, because it is a beautiful city that has my heart. I have to discover it. I love Ocean, but I do love the city, when I can get those two in one beautiful place, I go! I want Cartagena and the vibe of Latino!




Where are you traveling in 2016?