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Hi, I’m Pauline and welcome to my travel blog Pauline Travels. A place for genius advises on traveling, personal travel notes filled with storytelling and some misadventures. I will not give unrealistic information about saying goodbye to your job and go living the nomad life. I live in reality, and I know, It is not that easy. I will recommend on how to get most of your trip when traveling after hard days of work.


I have nothing against the nomadic lifestyle, but the truth is that the majority of the people is not living that way and neither traveling that way.   I’m a female solo traveler because I can, and I want. It is my life, and if I want to travel, I will travel with or without you! I have traveled solo most of the times around the world, and you know what? I’m perfectly fine and some of my best trip has been solo!


If you want to read brutal honesty and girls who think they are smart and fun, then this is the place for you! I’m a Norwegian Viking girl who started to explore this beautiful world solo in the age of 21 and now I can’t stop! After my first solo travel in 2014 in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand, I just continued. Lately, I have fallen in Love with Latin America.


I love discovering new places, meeting new people, have crazy experience and new stories to tell.


My goal is to show YOU how you can travel the world on your own being smart, safe and adventurous.

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Other Facts About Pauline

Spelling Problems caused by Dyslexia

Please don’t assume that Pauline is lazy or not smart when finding writing errors on the Travel Blog. Writing is a complex task for her, but she loves writing and sharing even with her spelling problems. Since childhood, she has fought this struggle! Worked twice as hard as the one that doesn’t have this handicap.


English my Second Language

Pauline is writing in English which is her second language. That makes it even harder sometimes to get the grammar and spelling correctly. She tries to make friends & family read her post and check spelling and grammar. They can’t always help, so sometimes she flies solo. Pauline struggle hard with seeing her writing mistakes. She works very hard not to put them there. Sometimes it happens.


Walk of Life

Pauline is Norwegian Travel blogger and now a student at EAE Business School in Madrid, studying her Master’s degree in Project Management.   Pauline was born on the West Coast of Norway known as Fjord Norway.


She has traveled around Norway since birth and has lived in Åheim, Ålesund Oslo, Buenos Aires and currently residing in Madrid. She speaks Norwegian and English fluently. Developing her skills in Spanish and is now at an intermediate level.


Pauline and her curiosity for traveling have gained notable experience in the variety of cultures, traditions, and people. She completed a Bachelor degree’s in Entrepreneurship and Business at The Norwegian Business School BI with specialization in Social Media skills.


After that, she moved to Buenos Aires and studied Sustainability Management in cooperation with the University of Buenos Aires and the Norwegian University of Oslo and Akershus. In this time she fell in love with South America, traveling widely through the continent.


Pauline has worked in various industries. She has gained a vide combination of knowledge. From being in the Clothing industry with high-end Menswear retail to working on a yacht. Social Media Advisor and Travel blogger.



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Pauline Solheim the Founder & Content Creator of Pauline Travels

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