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Adam’s Peak Climb with 5 381 steps

On of my most special travel moments so far in life. I love having no expectation to a place, and then it blows me away. Adam’s peak climb was this. What is Adams Peak? It is the place where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven, Sri Pada, sacred footprint, left by the Buddhas as he headed towards paradise. We went on this trip with our two new Buddhist friends from the mountains in Ella, they also wanted to do the Adam’s Peak Climb. We went together. The climb did take us 3 hours to reach the top of Adam’s Peak and it is 2240 m with 5 831 steps, we did in the dark it was mysterious experience because you couldn’t see much while climbing. The mysterious revolves itself by dawn.



Adam’s peak Climb – A unique travel moment

The reward is beautiful moment with the prayers of the Sri Lankan Buddhist people praying for the sun and a new day. Sunrise above the sky, was something for itself. I felt very blessed to experience this with my two new friends from Sri Lanka and my best friend from Sweden.


Adam’s Peak Climb, if you ever are in Sri Lanka, please try to do it. 


Adam's Peak Climb before sunrise



Adam's Peak Climb right before sunrise



Adam's Peak and surise have started


Adam's Peak Climb with the sunrise making a new day


Adam's Peak on our way down


Adam's Peak on our way down. Of course an Ipad.

Adam's Peak Climb with my best friend Malin and some locals

Adam's Peak Climb panorama

Adams peak

Adam's Peak and the hardest way is going down again.


On our way down from Adams peak

Adam's Peak with the top in the picture

Adam's Peak Climb with full information