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152 Days Traveling around South America as a Solo Female Traveler

My traveling is still continuing. I´m back in Fort Lauderdale, where the adventure started this January 23rd. That is 3 648 hours ago. Time is going fast and new adventures has been captured. What did I do in all this time traveling? I had an amazing time with great adventures. I got to see breathtaking sites in the world and explore new cultures, new language and meeting new people. I´m blessed to have this opportunity in my life. I did work extremely hard to have this adventure (many hours at work and saving money everywhere).


152 Days Traveling around South America as a Solo Female Traveler


I visited Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador – Galápagos, Belize, Mexico and last is United States of America. I almost get exhausted thinking about it, because I feel that; I just reached the finished line with this travel. I see this way of traveling not as a vacation but an education. It is not a vacation to change place every 4 night and run around making sure you are exploring the beautiful sites and forcing yourself constantly listen to a new language as well as being happy because you’re traveling and meeting awesome people from all over the world. It is a great privilege, but I wouldn’t call it a vacation. It is an amazing experience and a great adventure. It´s traveling on a big scale.


Understand me right, I love to travel. It makes me feel unbelievable free and empowered by doing it, the fact that I did this travel solo is even more empowering for me. Traveling is beautiful, but it is also a challenge and sometimes it requires a lot of you as a person. Every travel will give you some growing and learning. Sometimes you can get tired as in any other job. Her are some crazy part of my travel as well as the amazing part!


The Crazy Part of 152 Days Traveling with Adventures Traveling

Ending up at Hospital in Peru – Traveling with food allergy, is a challenge. Bought my credit card got copied in ATM – Then they was closed. Norwegian bank, being stupid !Not sending new credit cards to me. Carry around 1500 US cash in my pocket – after money transfer Seeing people being stupid with money over safety in diving. Seeing a girl get her life rescued in the Blue Hole in Belize. Whale shark tour – with no whales, only evacuation to another boat, since our both was taking in water fast halfway to Cuba. On the way to Cancun Airport our Bus crashed with another car.




The Amazing Part of 152 Days with Adventures Traveling


152 Days with Adventures Traveling her in Argentina


Living 3 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina for learning Spanish. Eating fantastic meat and drinking Malbec for 3 US a bottle of course Fernet with a lot of ice and coca cola. Instead of chocolate amazing ice cream – Super Dulce de Leche. People – Friends from all over the world.Discovering Iguazu falls with my best friend Vickey. Then finish of Argentina with Wine tour in Mendoza and crossing over to Santiago de Chile by buss.


152 Days with Adventures Traveling, her in Argentina with my second family



152 Days with Adventures Traveling her in Santiago de Chile

I only had 3 days in Santiago de Chile, it was just enough time if you ask me. I went on walking tour around the City and went Wine tasting at the famous Concha y Toro Winery.


152 Days with Adventures Traveling her at Machu Picchu

Couscous, I discovered the challenge when it comes to travel with food allergy. The highlight of Peru was indeed Machu Picchu the World Heritage site that has fascinated me for many years. To finally see it with your own eyes is breathtaking. Who would know that you could do Machu Picchu on a easy budget?

Lima with amazing food and meeting up with new friends from my travel




152 Days with Adventures Traveling her in Peru



152 Days with Adventures Traveling her in Galapagos Island

12 days in Galápagos –  Increíble

Animal life on another level  – Sea Lions taking over the beach, turtles, sharks, pelicans, blue and red footed boobies enjoying island life. Diving and snorkeling

Having fun with new friends from Galápagos and confessing to myself, that I really don´t know how to move my hips and dance salsa.




152 Days with Adventures Traveling her in Belize

Belize and diving the Blue Hole with an amazing lunch place – the island I wanna be left on, if I ever have to be on a desert Island.



152 Days with Adventures Traveling her in Mexico

Mexico – Cozumel the place to be in the Yucatán. I really enjoyed this community and the scenic spots it had. When I get retired, I know where to go. Playa del Carmen if you need to see tourism and Starbucks at every corner or cenotes.