Buenos Aires Expansive for a traveler
Argentina, South America

Buenos Aires Expensive for a traveler

Buenos Aires expensive for a traveler? I was living in Buenos Aires for three months almost four as a student, little did I know that it was an expensive city. Why is Buenos Aires Expensive? That have many reasons in…

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7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires
7 Things to Do Around the World, Argentina, South America

7 Fabulous things to do in Buenos Aires

After living almost 4 months in Buenos Aires, I have a great list for things to do in Buenos Aires. There are some things you have to do in Buenos Aires before leaving this insane capital that really never sleeps…

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152 Days with Adventures Traveling with Pauline Travels around South America
Argentina, Backpack, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, North America, Peru, Solo Traveler, South America, The World, Uruguay, Visited as Solo Female Traveler, Visited on Backpacking Budget

152 Days Traveling around South America as a Solo Female Traveler

My traveling is still continuing. I´m back in Fort Lauderdale, where the adventure started this January 23rd. That is 3 648 hours ago. Time is going fast and new adventures has been captured. What did I do in all this…

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Argentina, South America, Study Abroad

My Second family in Buenos Aires

I have to show some of the good times in Buenos Aires with my second family from Argentina, UK, Frances, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. When you travel you meet so many fantastic people from all over the world. With…

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Mendoza Wine Tasting
Argentina, The World

Mendoza Wine Tasting on a Great Budget

Mendoza Wine Tasting  on a Budget was a lot for the money, when I went on the wine tour for only 225 pesos (2015). I visited two wineries and one olive factory with a bus that arrived at the door…

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Argentina, Chile, South America

Mendoza to Santiago by Bus

Fun fact, when I was telling that I was excited about a 6 hours long bus trip, the guy in the reception was laughing of me. Truth is I was really excited, I couldn’t care less that he was laughing….

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Argentina, Food

Iguazu falls Argentina

Argentinean side of Iguazu falls; what can I say, it was massive and it was increíble. I’m so happy that I went to see it. There is nothing more to do in Iguazu City then just watch the falls, pretty much. Anyway…

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Argentina, Lazy Sunday, Study Abroad

Buenos Aires in Pictures

I just love, Buenos Aires. The time is an illusion her. It´s soon coming to an end. I have to enjoy the last days to the fullest. I really enjoy living in this city for some months. A totally new…

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Argentina, Food, South America, Study Abroad

Top 10 Places to Eat in Palermo Barrio

I will present my top 10 places to eat in Palermo. I have done 10 weeks with eating in Palermo Soho and 2 more weeks to come. I really love this area when it comes to eating. People that knows me, know…

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Argentina, South America

Lujan meets Luján

Lujan is one of my best friends from Argentina. We went on a Saturday trip to the beautiful roman catholic church building in Luján. It is not a cathedral, but a temple if we believe in Wikipedia facts. It´s dedicated to…

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