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Argentinian meat heaven

 So many cows in my stomach





Week tree, this is going fast. I really enjoy being her,  and it´s so much happening. Sometimes don’t know what to do first. I have tried to find my routine here in BA. My friends tell me the routine in Argentina is not to have one. That´s probably true, because every day there is a change in my plan. I will learn to adjust to the flow – Buena Onda. I feel that this last week things has fallen a bit more at place. I don’t have to run around anymore to find out what I´m  having for breakfast. I know where to refill my phone and the subway card closes to home. I’m starting to get to know my neighborhood, and everything is being on a better flow. It always takes some time to figure out the new place. It is so nice when you finally feel that you have some control over it.

I live in Palermo Soho the others area around is Viejo and Hollywood.

This is the location to have. It has everything and are convenient with everything; restaurants, bars, shopping more shopping and Cafe places. You can walk for hours. I hope at the end of my stay here, I will have discovered many of the hidden wonders in Palermo. The neighborhood is similar to Frogner back home, and its similar to Nothing Hill in London. If we should compare to something we know, even do it´s unique neighborhood.

What about the cows in my stomach?

Ye, I had loads of cows these last days. They are so good. It´s like butter with meat taste, except from the Asado which was too much fat for me. My favorite was the entraña attached to the ribs. That is not how the Argentinians like it, they prefer asado. So there will be enough for everybody. I also liked the vacío and biff de lomo. Of course you must have Argentinean chess- Provoleta (used two days to learn that name) Try to think professional and Recoleta and you will end up with Provoleta. Easier said than done. Know I now, good for me!

It´s sad to tell you, that after having meat in Argentina it´s not gonna be the same somewhere else. So good! I’m gonna be a vegetarian for some days now. I don’t need so much meat. Argentina is truly a meat heaven. 

Were did we eat: La Horimiga,  Armenia 1680, C1414DKJ. What did we eat: Biff de Lomo and Provoleta + wine. The food was good the service was on a public holiday? Aacostumbrando.

Were did we eat: Burger Joint, Borges 1766 (y costa rica)- Palermo. What did we eat: hamburguesa; Jamiacan and Blue Chess. What did I not eat: FRENCH FRIES made with Peanut Oil, so sad! What more: Best burger in my life.

Out and exploring more of the city. Many ways to learn a language.