12 Days in Sri Lanka Itinerary
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12 Days in Sri Lanka – Essential Itinerary

Sri Lanka the land with a bit of everything in a reachable distance and with great places to discover. These 12 days in Sri Lanka Itinerary will give history, culture, nature, beach, great adventures and memories that will last a…

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10 Highlights from Bangkok City

We have all seen the movie Hangover, we have all been taken away by this crazy city with the name Bangkok! We have been meeting taxi driver that say no to our business because we want the meter on. We…

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Whale and Dolphin Watching in Mirissa

When being in Sri Lanka, Whale and Dolphin Waching in Mirissa is a must do! Why? Because it is maybe the most reliable place to spot a Blue Whale, the largest animal that has ever been on the planet. If…

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7 Highlights of Ella in Sri Lanka

The best thing about being in Sri Lanka, is the diversity. After 14 days being on the beach in Mrissa and enjoying the sun. It was time for some more exploring and action. We went discovering the highlights of Ella…

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From Bangkok to Koh Tao
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From Bangkok to Koh Tao

From Bangkok to Koh Tao you have two options on traveling their, either budget or convenient. The choice is yours. Here they are explained how you can actually preform your choice of preference. I have done them myself, for me…

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7 Great things about Koh Tao
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7 Great Things to Do in Koh Tao

There are so many great things to do in Koh Tao. When I have a rough day in real life (working), I always go back to my little Island in Thailand with the name Koh Tao. I think the majority…

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Adam’s Peak Climb with 5 381 steps

On of my most special travel moments so far in life. I love having no expectation to a place, and then it blows me away. Adam’s peak climb was this. What is Adams Peak? It is the place where Adam first…

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Carefree Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka

We stayed at Palm Villa at Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka c views and the sound of waves when falling asleep at night, it was paradise for me. This is the place for doing nothing more than just being. We relaxed, We…

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Sri Lanka and Where to Go

On my travels in 2014, I went to Sri Lanka for my best friend´s birthday party. I also went to travel with my other best friend in Sri Lanka. I had one of my best travel experiences so far. I…

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7 Sparkling Highlights for Backpacking in Sri lanka an Island in South Asia
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7 Sparkling Highlights for Backpacking in Sri Lanka

If you love the following things: Gorgeous beaches, incredible hiking, great massage, world heritage sites, welcoming people, surfing, diving, budget friendly, pineapple juice, tea, pumpkin curry. Them you should go Backpacking in Sri Lanka.   Sri Lanka is truly a…

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