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7 Blissful Beaches in Colombia

If you know me, you know I have a deep passion for beaches, crystal clear blue water, saltwater and vitamin C! That is far away from Norway and 0 degrees. Today, I want to escape! All the way back to the beautiful beaches in Colombia. We are hit by 36 degrees and the humidity that is making your ties sticking together. Who cares, when you can be a mermaid living the dream in between a coconut or three?



7 Blissful Beaches in Colombia

Visting San Andres Island in Colombia, year 2017


1. Costeno Beach close to Santa Marta & Tayrona

Costeno Beach has it’s unique style, and the vibe makes you want to stay for next year or to the sunburn hits you bad. I loved this little escape next to Tayrona National Park. Yes, I skipped Palomino and stayed more days her in Costeno, I do not regret the decision. It was a fantastic time, with no wifi you get to talk with people! That is amazing, a dying art.



Costeño Beach in Sunsrise! The Rare & Hidden Paradise in Colombia




2. Playa Blanca close to Cartagena de Indias

If you are in Cartagena de Indias, you want to escape the spectacular walls of the old city. Then either jump on a bus or take 60 minutes boat trip to the beach from Cartagena. Either way, you will arrive at the beach. More comfortable to sleep on the bus. When entering the beach and you see a Tsunami of people, then keep on walking right (having the see in front you). Walk until you are more or less alone. Then welcome to Paradise! Enjoy your day in this azure blue water and dig your feet in the white sand that looks like snow on the beach. Who I’m, I kidding… snow? No SNOW, you are in the Caribbean!




3. Freshwater Bay in Providencia Island

Freshwater Bay is your starting point in Providencia if going Scuba diving. Some of the best diving in the world! If not diving, hit the beach and have a nap with one of the local street dogs. The ocean makes my heart in peace that’s why I need it.


For her the ocean was more than a dream, it was place she needed to visit to find herself.

and when she returned to the city. You could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair, and taste the infinite salt on her lips – Jose Chaves






4. Crab Cay nearby Providencia Island

If you are tired of being on the beach, explore Providencia Island with a boat! Talk to Bill Clinton, and he will give you the Island tour surrounded in peace and love for the world and the Island. Stop by Crab Cay clime to the top and discover the Sea of Seven Colors!




Providencia the Unspoiled Island Paradise in Colombia

5. Pool Day in Cartagena de Indias

Sometimes you get a bit tired of having sand, where you should not have sand. Then it is time to take a beach break and hit up some of the cooling infinity pools in Colombia. I only had the chance to explore Movich Hotels infinity pool. That was not a disappointment!



Movich Hotels Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Great things to do in Cartagena de Indias

6. Casa en el Agua in the Ocean of Colombia

Who want’s to live in the sea but in a house? Well, then this is the place! Your Neighbours will be a naked man, Shakira, and Maluma. I don’t remember the neighbor’s names, but it was famous Colombian musicians having their vacations home. Anyway, that is not important. What is important is that you will be surrounded by ocean on all sides and every hour! Waking up from your bed take two steps and you are in the sea! Welcome to Casa en el Agua, by the way, they work with the No-Time concept; things happen when they happen. Drink Limonada de Coco and enjoy life, saltwater, and sun!



Casa en el Agua, Colombia ,




7. Johnny Cay in San Andres Island

Jonny Cay is a beauty of a Beach and an Island; I think everyone that is visiting San Andres Island knows that Jonny Cay is the mini Island right in front of San Andres main beach. We are all in this tinny Island; we don’t care because it is too beautiful to be missed. Go exploring the Island which takes around 30 minutes and you can find less crowded places. Or go sleeping under the giant palm trees in the center of the Island.






The 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Colombia,

which Beach is your favorite?


Beaches in Colombia are many and beautiful. If had to choose between the beaches in Colombia, I would have said Costeno Beach and Playa Blanca, these Beaches are smooth for anyone to access but are still beautiful. I loved the Beaches in San Andres and Providencia, but they are not the most accessible beaches to reach. Go to Tayrona Park if you can, when I was in Colombia, the Beaches in Tayrona was closed. This experience was not possible for me. The Beaches in Colombia must be tested! If not you, have not been to the coast of Colombia, which is maybe the most joyful place to be in Colombia.


7 Beautifuel & Blissful Beaches in Colombia in South America: Most Beautiful Beaches in Colombia from Playa Blanca to Costeno Beach & then to the Islands of San Andres & Providencia, this is the Caribbean in Colombia.