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Buenos Aires Expensive for a traveler

Buenos Aires expensive for a traveler? I was living in Buenos Aires for three months almost four as a student, little did I know that it was an expensive city. Why is Buenos Aires Expensive? That have many reasons in a complex system, or it´s easy – It´s politic. I arrived in 2015 after Nismans dead, and the system is pretty much standard for a Latino, but for a Norwegian girl this system was a New Normal. Argentina is the land of inflation and corruption or a land that is applying the average standard of Latin America.


What happened? I was reading about having dinner out every day for 5 dollars and just having the most amazing time in Argentina. Reality hit me hard in Buenos Aires. There is no such thing as cheap. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in, and Oslo as one of the most expensive city. Why was Argentina Expensive for a Norwegian girl? I should have been ready for this since I live in Oslo. No, I wasn’t. Why didn’t I do my research better, before traveling and studying in Argentina? I wanted to live in Buenos Aires,  and I don´t regret it. I Loved all the eating in Palermo, I enjoyed visiting Iguazu falls, La Boca and Mendoza, but it was not cheap, but not crazy expensive either. 

Buenos Aires expensive for traveler on a budget

If you want the reason on why it´s expensive then read;

  Argentina Expensive




Buenos Aires Expensive for a Traveler & 4 Great Saving Tips

4 Great Saving Tips for Staying in Buenos Aires



Buenos Aires expensive for a traveler

If you are traveling, studying or living in Buenos Aires, you will feel the prices have changed, and the inflation is real every day. Still, you want to be there. How to make it work when being in Buenos Aires without spending a crazy amount of Money?


Instead of Hotel use AirBnB

Or if you are going for the budget try and get free accommodation & food in exchange of work.


You should definitely try to save some money on a place to stay. It is nice to help out some locals then a big company like Hilton. When staying on AirBnB you will get better advice’s on how to get the local price. If you are up for it connect with some Porteño in Couch-surfing and check the possibilities for a bed in exchange of culture and experience.


4 Great Saving tips for Staying in Buenos Aires


Instead of Dinning Go to Spring

the Local Insider for great Take-Away

If you are staying around for some time or on tight budget, then this is a nice place to know. It is a place to love and embrace for being the most convenient Take-Away in Palermo. It is the restaurant for the days, were just don’t have time to cook or to spend to much money on eating out. Great exchange of environment when you need a break from meat heaven in Palermo, it only provides with vegetarian food. Everything from salad, sushi, pasta, tofu, veggie burger and so on. We love this place and so do the Porteños as well. There is a line before opining at 08.30 PM, the earlier you come the fresher and bigger choice you will have.

Guatemala 4452. Price from 20-70 pesos (It depends on how much you want to have as Take-away)

take away in Buenos Aires

If dinning; Go early

and get tourist discount at La Cabrera – Parilla

Price depends on what time you go. Best is to go between 7-8 PM get 40 % off the entire meal and your wine as well. If you are a budget traveler or a student like me, it´s the perfect deal. If you are a foreigner, It would probably be a perfect dinner time as well. Win-win.


Seriously, this is the place you want to go for a great experience of Argentinean meat. Waiters are educated and welcoming in assisting you to make the decisions on cut of meat and on how to cook it. They cook it preciously how you order it, this is not a place were you take consideration on the Argentinean way of cooking the meat. You really don’t have to order much more than the meat, it comes with a lot of nice side dishes that are also very fulfilling and delicious. Just enjoy the experience. It is a must try if you are staying in Buenos Aires – Top 10 Places to Eat in Palermo Barrio



Instead of the gym; Go City, Nature & Park

Buenos Aires has perfect outdoor conditions. There is a lot of free Yoga sessions or Tango sessions offered in the park. Or maybe Rollerblading? Go to the Bosques de Palermo, runners have over 25 hectares of parks of great running trails. Our maybe just go walking in the city and walk into great street art & political art.

Buenos Aires expansive for a budget traveler - 4 Great Saving tips for Staying in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is expensive for a traveler sometimes. It depends on how the traveler decided to use the money. Because it is definitely possible to do Buenos Aires on a budget but there has to be some sacrifices in luxuries traveling to make it on a budget.  Cooking you own food and do less expensive tours. Which is the sacrifice on all budget trips. There will still be great memories and cool experience. Honestly Argentina and Buenos Aires is not the cheapest country or city in South America to stay long-term. It should definitely be a stop when discovering in South America, because the city is amazing and an energy hat you will long for long after you left the city.



Buenos Aires Expensive for a traveler? Any Advice?