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Buenos Aires in Pictures

I just love, Buenos Aires. The time is an illusion her. It´s soon coming to an end. I have to enjoy the last days to the fullest. I really enjoy living in this city for some months. A totally new experience for me, such a big city. With a population that contain 3.004 million people, it´s a big contrast to Oslo that only contain 647,676 persons. It is actually what I wanted it to be; big city, a lot of people and a lot of thing happenings, and good places to eat.

Hoy es un buen día!  

Buenos Aires – Buena Onda

buenos aires


buenos aires panorama view


Y yo te digo que me acostumbre,
De la cama a nuestro café
Y el cielo se pinto de gris cuando te vi partir con el.

Y yo te digo que me acostumbre,
Ya siento que perdí la fe,
Las ganas de vivir no alcanzan si no estas aquí mujer.

Me acostumbre a tu calor,
Tu aroma me fascina se despierta por dentro las ganas de besar.
Que tu eres mi fascinación,
Mi dulzura mi pasión
Y sopla el viento muy lento ven dame tu amor.



buenos aires in Palermo

buenos aires fruit stands


buenos aires railway

buenos aires Casa rosada




buenos aires palermo map


buenos aires street art

buenos aires dog walking







buenos aires plaza de mayo



buenos aires en la Bocca

buenos aires and the flag of Argentina


I’m very happy with my choice, that I decided to go to Argentina. I think it´s the perfect start place for my adventure in South America. I have learned so much more about the country, the history and the people. The Argentinean people have a big heart with a lot of love. It´s beautiful, they love their country, they love their meat and their football teams. There is so much passion and feelings, it´s totally new world, for a Norwegian girl, used to live in a bit more shy country.

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