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Concha y Toro Winery

I have had bottles of this wine back home in Norway. To actually go to the winery were it is produced was very impressive. I think that the Concha Y Toro Winery are doing an excellent job, when it comes to show the history of the wine as well as the quality and the diversity it has. The name of the Winery is Concha y Toro, the famous wine is the one that has the name: Casillero del Diablo – Cellar of the Devil. Who remember the winery? If I remember the name of the wine, I´m happy. Just from this sentence you maybe understand that I´m not a wine nerd, except from the fact I love drinking good wine. Not an expert.

How to get to the Concha y Toro Winery


From Santiago the City, I went on the Subway to the end station. I´m a horrible Travel blogger,  I don´t remember the name. This how we solve the problem, If you are in Santiago in a hostel/hotel they will tell you how to go there. If you are lucky they have a voucher, so you will get a discount on the tour as well. When you arrive to the end station on the subway – you take a  taxi to the Winery, it takes 5 minutes. Take a taxi, because it´s up hill! The Wine Tour was around an hour or two with history, a funny show in the Casillero del Diablo. Check at Concha y Toro Winery for what time your language is schedule for a tour as well details for transportation.

The Wine Tour





I had a fun day with great company – two lovely guys from UK. They have a great blog when it comes for details, real fact and the prices. They are doing all the things, I always don´t remember to do.

Two lovely guys & me were given the tour in English, we went through the history, process of the wine making and in the end the wine tasting. We were tasting one white wine and three red wines. Big thanks for South America and there wines, they maid me completely fall in Love with red wines. We were given a souvenir glass from the Winery. In this moment I hate to backpack. My friend from Santiago, has now a memory of me and the winery.

I really loved the wine cellars with Calsillero del Diablo, the wine legend. I enjoyed that our Guide told us that the children on the tour before us with their parents, loved the show so much that they compared it to be in Disney World. It really gave me a good laugh.


A winery, 3 people and a bottle of win


After all this wine, we were all in a good mood with a beautiful scenery in the winery´s courtyard with a wine bar and restaurant. Thank God or the Wine or Food – that Alexander and Dante, were all on board for sharing some great local wine and meat/cheese sharing platter in the courtyard. Honestly I wouldn’t do that solo.


I just love, when I have a day with no expectations and end up having a good day. As a female solo traveler, I was feeling a bit awkward about going on this wine tour alone. Thanks to Alexander and Dante, I ended up having a fun day in the winery with them. I loved that we were all three doing the same trip, just in different speed. I convinced myself at the hostel before going to the winery: That if you go on this wine tour something good or interesting will happen. It´s great when you decide to be open-minded and you are rewarded with interesting people who are sharing your spirit in living the life and seeing the world. Thank you Alexander and Dante for a great day at the winery.



Concha y Toro Winery in Pictures















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