Pauline Travels is a Travel blog that is sharing travel tips, adventures and great places to discover. The blog started in 2015 are now growing loyal readership – and brings in traffic from all forms of social media. The blog focus on the adventures that can be discovered in every destination.

Pauline favorite section is; 7 Things to Do Around the World

She believes in keeping things straightforward and easy to use (She don’t like 100 things to do – long list, then she never decides). In the opinion of Pauline; 7 things to do is the perfect amount of stuff to do without getting overwhelmed.

Pauline love being somewhere in the warm climates and near the water. She is practically a Mermaid and is certified as a Rescue Diver by PADI. She has a passion for empowering women to travel solo around the world. There is nothing more liberating than creating your adventure.

She has from 2015-2017 been exploring South America & North America: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Belize, Mexico, and America.



About Pauline Travels

Pauline is a Norwegian girl who started to explore the beautiful world for some time, and now she can’t stop. She has to see what’s out there. Pauline, loves discovering new places, meeting new people, have crazy experience and new stories to tell. Life is for living, and she like’s living in adventures.

Pauline created Pauline Travels to share her experience and encourage more female solo travelers on adventures around the world. The courage to travel! To experience the world!


I would love to have you on the adventure – Follow on Facebook, submitting you adventure and let´s get inspired together for where we should go next! Feel free to leave a message below, or contact Pauline Travels by social media!

I can’t wait to meet you!



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