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Costeño Beach the Rare & Hidden Paradise in Colombia

Costeño Beach; I can still remember as if I was there yesterday! The beach was full of sparkling people from all over the world and the atmosphere of truly having arrived at the Coast of Colombia.


The heartbeat goes slower and so goes everything with it. In Costeño Beach there is a vibe that is so relaxed; that you ask yourself is this heaven on earth? Will I ever leave?


Costeño Beach with people from all over the world

I only had 38 hours available for enjoying this oasis at the Caribbean Sea. Then Costeño Beach Hostel was fully booked again. Costeño Beach was some of my best times in Colombia.




If you are lucky: You can always try to walk back to the reception to ask for “one more night.”


Costeño Beach, why did I fall in love with you?

I felt in love with Costeño Beach because even the dogs are happy! Maybe some of the happiest dogs in the world. They are smiling every minute. Who wouldn’t? When you are surrounded by a Gorgeous Beach and smiling people all around, there is not much not to like.


When you see animals happy at a place, you know it´s a good spot.


Costeño Beac where even the dog are happy

The most important part why I loved this beach is the vibe of total tranquility!


7 Awesome Things to do in Costeño Beach

Costeño Beach is the perfect place for doing nothing and nothing more. Wake up early and walk to the beach and see the breathtaking sunrise that made your early wake-up call worth it in a second.


Then go and get your breakfast and then start enjoying your day with sunbathing, swimming, napping in a hammock or at the beach. Then you just repeat it!


Costeño Beach in beautifuel sunrise


Costeño Beach in the blue hour / right after sunset

Costeño Beach & chilling

Costeño Beach & Volleyball

Costeño Beach walk

Costeño Beach Hostel

Costeño Beach the local fisher boat

   Costeño Beach and people from the world exploring it

Costeño Beach view




1. Beach time every hour

The Costeño Beach has the view of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada from the Santa Marta Mountains. How cool is it that you already have a gorgeous beach and then you get mountains with snow on as a backdrop? Costeño Beach is unique! The best part of the beach when you are walking is that you are pretty much left alone. There is only you, the ocean, palms and of course 4 kilometers with golden sand.


It is okay to swim in the sea, but you have to be aware and respect the strong currents. I would recommend swimming in the shallow and swim together with other people in the sea.


2. Yoga in the Sunrise

If you are up for Yoga, this is a most do! A perfect start of the day and everything surrounded in tranquility. The sounds of the waves from the ocean and your body waking up completely happy and in peace are great way to start the day. They scale it to any level needed.


3. Surf sessions & Surf body watching

Maybe go surfing and enjoying the beach from another viewpoint. Or if not just stay on the beach and check out all the hot people who go surfing!


4. Glow in the dark plankton

In the evening go down to the beach and start kicking in the sand and discover the plankton that lights up the sand. One of the coolest things I did in my trip. Nature is awesome and full of mysterious! If it is a full moon, it ‘s hard to see plankton. Remember that if you are planning to do any plankton tour in Colombia.


5. Get your Latino style on and Dance! & Cheap Rum

When the night comes on it is time to find your inner Latino and start dancing or something that looks like it! Just go with it and surround yourself with the music and the bottle of rum that everyone is sharing! Laughing, dancing and drinking rum, pretty much sums up the night. Or we did go walking on the beach to this other local bar, and I have to know idea where it was, but it was cool. We kept on dancing!


6. Eat delicious food for cheap

One of the best parts of staying at Costeño Beach Hostel is the delicious food. I think Costeño Beach had some of the best food in Colombia. One day I had sushi with tuna which was full of flavor and then the other day there was a tasty Thai curry, but due to the allergy I did not try it (allergic to nuts).


There was a great variation of food choices and delicious fresh juices. I think it was brilliant of them to have Australian Chef playing with the flavors of the Colombian cosine. I was never disappointed with the food there. That´s great because the food is such an important part of a good experience and stay.


7. No WIFI, which means Great Conversation with People

I love that they do NO WIFI! Do we need WIFI everywhere? No, we don’t. Thank you Costeño Beach Hostel for forcing us to talk and listen to each other. We had great conversations!


There is a difference! In Costeño Beach; I did meet some of the coolest people on my trip and as well travelers from all over the world with different purposes around their journey.


We were all at Costeño Beach and loving it! It is funny when nations from all over the world can agree that one place is great. I loved this feeling of community even do we just sat down at the beach together for the first time.





The Alternative Tayrona National Park Experience

Arriving in February and being super excited about finally having the opportunity to visit Tayrona National Park with some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. Then discover they closed Tayrona for a month of recovery! Was not the highlight of my trip!


The Closing of Tarona National Park was somewhat sad, but then again I respect it greatly. I’m proud of Colombia for having the courage to close the most popular tourist destination in their country for an entire month! It is significant conservation of this tourist attraction.


When Tayrona was being closed, I went and discovered Costeño Beach! That is on the border line of Tayrona only 5 km from the park entrance! If Tayrona is open, you can go on a day trip from Costeño Beach to the National Park. If the Park is closed Costeño Beach is the best alternative! Spending 38 hours in Costeño Beach; I didn’t feel that I missed out.



My Accommodation at Costeño Beach Hostel

There are some different places to stay around at Costeño Beach. I decided to stay at Costeño Beach Hostel. Which for me worked out perfectly. I even went all in on the budget for these three days and went sleeping in the hammock for the first time.

Sleeping in the hammock is an art form the first time you try it, and I  had a surprisingly okay sleep. The recommendation is to have a wool blanket or wool sweater to sleep inside. Because when the night comes: It does get cold with the ocean breeze coming in. Then of course sleep in a diagonal shape. Of course, this hostel has something for everyone’s style from dorm to a private room.



How to get to Costeño Beach

From Cartagena de Indias you take the bus trip with Berlinastour. The bus ride to Santa Marta will take 3.5-4 hours (no toilets break).  Arriving in the middle of nowhere in Santa Marta. Then catch a Taxi to the buses or maybe stay 48 hours in Santa Marta before going further.


When in Santa Marta, you need to walk for the colletivo buses up in Calle 11 / Car 11 or something close to that; Ask your receptionist. The bus ride takes around 1.5 hours on this small bumpy road and of course, remember to jump off at Costeño Beach (10 minutes after Tayrona Park entrance). The bus ride will cost around 6 000 COP, and then a Motor Taxi to Costeño Beach will cost 4 000 COP / in total it is 4 US dollars.



Last word about Costeño Beach the Rare & Hidden Paradise in Colombia

I understand when people say they have stayed for a week or more at Costeño Beach! Costeño is truly is the best place to stay in at the coast of Colombia.


I know people talk about Palomino but to be honest, I just skipped it. Because I already discovered my beach paradise in Colombia. When you find something good, why should you leave? Palomino is further out and more hours with the bus, but it has more things which are also known as buildings and maybe more party vibe.


If you want to be where the definition of tranquility comes from look no further than Costeño Beach!



Who want’s to go to Costeño Beach?