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Disney World for Adults

When you are a kid, all you want to do is Disney World, you wanna say Hello to Peter Pan, Mickey, Pluto and Donald. You even put Disney World in every wishes you make. When being in Florida, you should definitely make a stop in Disney World even as an adult. This is the day where you can be a child again and your dream will finally come true. You are going to see the Magic kingdom with the Cinderella Castle and the great firework. Let the magic begin!


Disney World for Adults Main street


Disney World for Adults Castle         


I can´t adult today,

please don´t make me adult in Disney World



Disney World for Adults


Disney World for Adults, One day, One plan

So many people are together and there is so much to see, you have to do some planing


My sister and I were totally loving that we were going to Disney World. Finally it was our time.Of course it was also 53 000 other people visiting the park that day. We were not alone about having this magic moment. Since we only had one day, we had to do Magic Kingdom it´s the greatest park for newbies. If only staying one day, you have to make the most of your time. You have to do some planing. When you plan before, you have more time to enjoy the attractions. You have more fun and are not stressing about what to do or take.



Disney World for Adults

 How to do it


  1. Buy your tickets at Disney World. If you are only staying one day, the best price will be at their homepage. For more days look around for offers.
  2. Download their App – My Disney Experience
  3. Then make a list of your top 5, 7 or 10 things that you need to see in Magic Kingdom – – >
  4.  Select 3 FastPass reservation that give you access to favorite attractions with out standing in line. This is for every one that buy a ticket to Disney World. This is amazing!
  5. Then find a hotel. All the hotels in Orlando have a great standard. Important thing is that they have a shuttle to Disney World and not expansive parking fee for your car.
  6. Then you have done the planing, now it´s time for action and magic moments!

    Disney World for Adults



Disney World for Adults – Overview

Peter Pan´s Flight

Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Space Mountain – FastPass+

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Splash Mountain – FastPass+

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – FastPass+


The Haunted Mansion

Main Street Electrical Parade




We had to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, which is a 3 hours drive. We arrived to the Hotel at 10:00 was inside the park at 11.00. We did our check-in, went from the hotel to Disney World with the shuttle. Then arranging our tickets and entering the Magic Kingdom. Everything went super easy, with no big lines.

Magic Kingdom by Day

First thing we did when arriving in Magic Kingdom was to walk down the main street and just taking it all in. We are in Disney World!! Then walking up to the castle and having a couple of Selfies. How many time haven´t you watch that Castle before a Walt Disney Movie? Now you finally get to see it in real life. Even for girls on the age of 23 and 29 it was magic to see, even more magic with fireworks by night. This was just the beginning of this magic day.

After catching a map, and attached our-self to the Free Wifi in Disney World, we opened the app and started our day with the attractions with last waiting time on the app. This is how you can be efficient with your time. While waiting for your Fast-Pass+ track reservation. We started with our list and went through it.

When we were there the Pirates of the Caribbean was closed for maintenance. That was a bit disappointing, but we survived with so many other great things to do as well.


We did Peter Pan´s Flight out of nostalgia, if there is big line would seriously consider not to do it. We loved it because, we love Peter Pan. Flying above London and Neverland, was such a childhood memories. If there are any kids that want to go and watch the Pan Movie in the Cinnamon with me this fall, it would be awesome – Sister?


We also had to do another nostalgia moment Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, again we loved it because we love Ariel. There are a lot of nice memories from the childhood and you will end up singing; Under the sea, Under the sea, Darling it’s better, Down where it’s wetter, Take it from me . . . Under the sea

Just follow on the app throughout the day and go when it´s under 20 minute. Then go – Under the Sea! 


Disney World for Adults - Under the sea


Lunch Break – Nothing special – easy food. Fast in and fast out.


Space Mountain is a definitely FastPass+ attraction. We loved walking past 110 minutes wait time! We loved this attraction, it was a super cool roller coaster in the dark with the stars. I think the scariest part was that it was so dark you couldn’t see where you were going, it was fun and fast.

When it´s getting hot and you are getting tired in your legs of walking –  jump into the Mickey´s Philhar Magic Movie and relax. This is a 3D film with a lot of moments from the 90s so of course as a 90-Kid I enjoyed it very much.


Disney World for Adults Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade was beautiful to watch, to be honest the funniest or happiest part was to watch all the kids and their happy faces, this was their day with all there heroes in one place alive and right in front of them. They could even wave to them.


Splash Mountain is a must in the afternoon heat, use a FastPass+ on it and skip the big line. Splash Mountain makes you excited and take you on a nice round where you listen to great music and funny character. It also give you a view over the Magic Kingdom. The trip finishes with a splash of water, refreshed for returning to the exit and have an afternoon break or ready for more hours in the park.

Splash Mountain

After the Splash Mountain we decided to go back to the hotel, and have an hour or two with resting and a nice dinner in our hotel with a little fewer people. It was really nice with an afternoon break where we recharged our battery for Magic Kingdom by Night.


Magic Kingdom by Night

When we returned to Magic Kingdom we went straight to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, we did stop and buy cotton candy! This is seriously the best cotton candy in my entire life. 
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was our personal favorite, so fun! The only thing we did take two times. First time we did use our Fastpass+ and then second time was after the firework show. It was super fun to take it in the dark as well.

Fireworks over Cinderella Castle

Wishes, you have to close up the magic day with the fireworks over the Castle. To find the best location, I recommend the blogpost to DisneyTouristBlog  – Magic Kingdom Fireworks Viewing Guide 

Then at midnight you have your last trip in The Haunted Mansion were you meet a lot of hunted people. It´s a fun ride in the dark. Then walking back to the main street you will cross the Main Street Electrical Parade, since it´s the second show for the night, you have great viewing opportunities everywhere. If you are not tired, take advantage of the last hours in the park and enjoy a less crowded Magic Kingdom. This is the benefit of being an adult you can stay up longer, and enjoy the last Magic hours in Disney World.


Last Word

It was a magic day! We had a wonderful time, I think also the other 53 000 were enjoying as well. I think Disney World is one of the happiest places in the world, there were so many smiles and laughs there. I also Salute all the parents for making their children dreams come true and letting them see all there heroes in Magic Kingdom. I think also the Kids learn a lot about patient being in Disney World. A 100 minutes wait, it is also killing me as an adult. Big Salute to all the patient kid waiting for the roller coaster that take 3 minutes but requires 20 times more waiting. You have to buy the cotton candy. If you really wanna go back to your childhood buy the Minnie Ears, they are so cute. Don´t be afraid you will be surprised  to see how many adults that are wearing them. If you don´t want them buy them for some children back home. They will love them.

If you have more time then one day you should definitely do it. There are so many other parks to have fun in, it will take you around two weeks if you want to do it all. Or that is what my Florida friend told me. Next time we will do Universal Studio.



If your boyfriend don´t want to go to Disney World just bring the Ipad and play this Video – >

You’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey..


Sorry, I just remembered this Video. I thought it was funny, but maybe not.

Thank you for reading all the way down!  Happy Travel to you.





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