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7 Great Things to do in Florida

Florida the sunshine state is not a boring place to be. It is one of the largest states in the US and is home to a variety of people and cultures. Florida is in between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Often my starting point when traveling to South America from Norway. Because of that, I have had the delighted pleasure of exploring some great things to do in Florida.




1.Wynwood Art District in Miami, Florida


How cool is not the new Wynwood Art District? When something bad turns good, and 70 artists representing 20 countries creates magic on 85 000 square feet of walls. Then you have the new Wynwood Art District in Miami. Before there were crimes and no pedestrian activity. The Goldman Family wanted to highlight the authentic Wynwood neighborhood and has today become an Art District. Six separate warehouses create the Wynwood Walls, one of the greatest street art collections ever assembled in one place.


Why Should you go?

Now it is the eclectic part of Miami and Florida: Indulged with color, life, innovation, and personality. It´s where a new generation of creatives and entrepreneurs want to live, work, eat, play and learn.


Wynwood Art District in Miami - Florida


Wynwood Art District in Miami - Florida


Wynwood Art Walls Miami

2. Everglades Holiday Park


What about a break from the beach in Florida? Head out to the Everglades Holiday Park for some exploring of the wildlife; alligators, colorful birds and beautiful scenery. To see the Alligators in their natural habitat is a pretty exciting thing to do. Did you know, that in Florida there are 2 000 000 millions of alligators? The population of Norway is 5 000 000 million – that is the entire country, not just a state.


Why Should you go?

The Everglades is the second largest national park in the country, smaller only than Yellowstone. It consists of 1.5 million acres of subtropical marshes and swamp.


Everglades Holiday Park in Florida


everglades holiday park in FLorida



3. Coral Castle in Miami, Florida


Have you ever listen to the song Sweet Sixteen from Billy Idol? The song is inspired by the love story in the Coral Castle. I don’t want to tell the love story it is better to get it at the Coral Castle. The different stone sculptures were built by one man, Edward Leedskalnin, between 1923 and 1951. Edward was carving and shifting over 1,100 tons of stone single-handedly.

Built during the night and under cover of darkness, to this day: nobody knows how the castle was created. Ed’s methods are still debated by scientists and architects.


Why Should you go?

It is a love story, and you will be seeing unusual accomplishment – The mystery surrounding the sculptures.


Coral Castle in Florida


4. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida


Disney World is where dreams come true, which is a great day for children and even adults! I love seeing the heats: Please don’t make me adult today! Walt Disney World is the most popular of all of Florida’s tourist attractions.The giant amusement park offers a sample of the Disney magic that is adored worldwide. We are all going to ride the legendary Space Mountain! Who did not want to visit Disney World and having the chance to meet their favorite Disney characters?

Why Should you go? 

You are going to see the Magic Kingdom with the Cinderella Castle and the Great Firework. Let the magic begin!


Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida




5. Hollywood Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach


Of course, you should visit Miami beach with its Art Deco beach-side building.

When you want a more local beach touch and more tranquility, you should explore in Hollywood Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida. Great beaches and great boardwalk with perfect food option, don’t forget to bring your beach essentials! My favorite spot at Central Beach in Fort Lauderdale is Casablanca Cafe with tasty food and great frozen Margarita.


Why Should you go? 

We all need some vitamin D and salt water in our hair.


Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida



6. Road Trip in The Keys of Florida


If you are already in Florida, why don’t you do the dream? Road Trip in the Keys of Florida. Travel is about the journey, not the destination. Cruising along one of America’s most picturesque road in a convertible is pretty awesome. With a road trip down the Keys, the best part is all the great stops you do along the way of the scenic road; Overseas Highway U.S. 1. 


Why Should you go? Diving, Key Lime Pie, Seven Mile Bridge, Duval Street, Island life and the Southernmost point of continental U.S.A.


Road Trip in the Keys of Florida

Road Trip in The Keys of Florida


Road Trip in The Keys of Florida


Road Trip in The Keys of Florida - John Pennekamp Coral Reef


Road Trip in The Keys of Florida - Key west train tour


Road Trip in The Keys of Florida includes Key Lime Pie



Road Trip in the Keys of Florida, her at Islamorada!




7. Southernmost Point


This concrete anchored buoy in Key West marks the extreme south point of the United States. There is not much to do about that other than great an opportunity for a picture and views of the Sea. On a clear day, you could see Cuba? Well, the monument states that it is 9+ miles to Cuba.


Why Should you go? To take a photo and enjoy the rest of your day in Key West!


Road Trip in the Keys of Florida


7 Great things to do in Florida

Is only scratching the surface of what you can do in this great state. Florida is indeed full of culture, languages & life. Florida creates a mesmerizing melting-pot filed with bobbling energy and things happening all the time. Don’t spend all your time on the beach when being in Florida, go exploring around the state and discover new cool spots to hang out.


7 Great things to do in Florida ☼ Key West, Mimi, Hollywood & Orlando ☼