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7 Steps for reaching Free Flights to Miami & Florida

Free flights to Miami and the world is open. Or more precisely; Latin America. Because Miami & Florida is a spring board for Latin America and this is why free flights to Miami is perfect for traveling further on to Latin America – Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Honduras, Peru & Ecuador (Argentina is always expensive: thank you government!).


Who is this possible for? If you are signed up with Norwegian Airlines and are of course traveling from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and North Europe. If you are traveling in Europe why not start or end your adventure in Scandinavia? Then you will have a direct flight back to the USA either to Miami, New York, Los Angels, and Boston or your choice (Norwegian has 10 destinations to the USA).



Free Flights to Miami & Florida, New York, Los Angels and Boston or your choice (Norwegian has 10 destination to USA).




7 Steps for reaching Free Flights to Miami & Florida

With using Norwegian Airlines Reward program.

Free Flights to Miami & Florida with Norwegian Airline


1. Sign Up with Norwegian Airlines

The Norwegian Reward program is how to get Free flights to Miami & Florida with using Norwegian Airlines Reward system. The first thing you have to is to Sign Up with their Norwegian program Reward and turn your trips into another voyage. Of course, you have to fly to earn the point as it is in any other Reward Program, by this you are getting closer for your free flights to Miami & Florida. If you are a Scandinavian, you are probably already flying with Norwegian?



2. Earn Cash Points with Reward Program

Flying is just one of the possibility for earning Cash Point for Free Flights to Miami. Other possibility is hotels, car rentals and offers from their partners. Be aware of these partners and the possibilities to earn Cash Points.



3. Earn Cash Points Faster with Bank Norwegian

Bank Norwegian is a credit card, and maybe not an option for everyone. Should not be used if having problem with controlling the money. Everything you buy with this card give you cash-points. You get 5% Cash Points on LowFare-Tickets and 20% on Flex-tickets.



I mostly use the card for buying tickets, and paying travels with it. That also give me Travel Insurance and Cancellation protection. The best part is when withdrawing money from overseas they don’t charge extra fee. When taking out money at the vacation in Florida, they don’t charge you! There is no yearly fee.


4. Pay big things with Bank Norwegian

Of course this depends on how many credit cards you have? Maybe another Credit card has better benefits, you want to use that. Then you will not earn Cash point for free flights to Miami. This you should know and take decisions where you will get max profit for using your credit card. This year I have paid Group Vacation with this card which was around 2500 US dollars and a new fridge. Of course travels with Norwegian Airlines. This have made me earn Cash Points for my free travel to Miami & Florida.



5.  Sign up for Deals; Newsletter

Why sign up for Newsletter? Because you get the best deals first. This is how I managed to get a flight ticket for 990 NOK / 110 US dollars. Then I used my Cash Points to get Free Flights for Miami & Florida.



6. Fly Norwegian Airlines – More Jet & less Lag

Norwegian Airlines and I have been sticking together for some years now. Hands down, it is the Best Low-Coast Airlines in the World. You can really make it affordably to travel, if you know how to benefit of their Reward Program as well as their low pricing. I’m all about saving money on the flights and more spending at the place. If yours plans are flexible, you can really get a low price with using the Low Fare Calendar. Tuesday is still one of the cheapest day to fly on!


Norwegian Airlines is Business class when you compare with other Low-Coast Airlines. That is probably why they have been Europe’s Best Low-Cost Airlines for the 4th year in a row on AirlineRatings.com



7. Book Free Flights to Miami & Florida

It is maybe not the fastest way to get Free Flights to Miami but you will get it at one point. It depends on how much you travel with Norwegian Airlines and if you are using Bank Norwegian Credit Card for your benefit. I used less than a year to get a free flight ticket to Miami. I haven’t been traveling so much this year, I have used Bank Norwegian Credit Card for flights, travels, hotels and Christmas present.


This gave me the opportunity to get my flight ticket from Oslo in Norway to Miami for Free (Not an expansive ticket). By this only using 110 US dollars from Norway to Cartagena in Colombia. A great way to start my travels in Latin America. I actually have Cash Points left that I will use for my return either home from Puerto Rico or Miami to Norway.




Book Free Flights to Miami & Florida



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Have you been using Norwegian Airlines Reward Program?

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