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Hiking Lauparen in the Alps of Sunnmøre

If you are staying in Norway and want some extreme nature and a great challenge, you should go hiking in some of our mountains. In this trip we went hiking in the Alps of Sunnmøre close to Ålesund. We went on Lauparen a mountain that reach 1434 MASL. The hike is on 6-7 hours and requires a medium level of fitness and endurance. It´s a classic that every person from Sunnmøre has to do at one time or another. You are rewarded with an amazing view over the surrounding alps and fjords. On a good day, it´s breath taking, just not the hill but also the view.


Hiking Lauparen in the Alps of Sunnmøre


How to preform –  Hiking Lauparen

With the Car

I would recommend a car. From Ålesund you drive to E39 Sjøholt, after this you take right to Geiranger and Stordal. After 7,5 km you will arrive to a small place with the name Vaksvik – Her you will be turning left when you see the sign of Vaksvikfjellet. Then drive 6 km, then turn right to Grytalisetra – Then park with the cabins. Remember to bring 20 Kr for the parking fee.


With the Legs

Then you have 7 km to walk to Lauparen. You will start easy with a nice ground and then you will turn onto rocks. Then after an hour you will walk into the beautiful water – Grytavatnet. Keep following the path. Then up the hill. At the top of the hill you are at 998 MASL. Then you have the worst part left. Then you have 400 MASL in 1 km. Heavy shit! Then you will be rewarded with a spectacular view from the top. The last 400 meters are the challenge, because some part are almost claiming.


When we were walking we could see the path easy. We were also looking at the other people walking before us were to walk next. This was a Sunday, the busiest day for walking in the Norwegian Mountain. I wold recommend to get this book Turbok for Ålesund og Omegn– It gives a description of the tour in Norwegian, but also have pictures with green arrows to follow.

Returning: Prepare yourself that from the water – Grytavatnet back to the car, it´s a long walk. It almost seems never-ending. Make sure you have energy for your return.

Culture when walking in Norwegian Mountains

Normally in Norway, we don´t speak to strangers, but the mountains are an exception. We say: God tur – Have a nice trip or We say: Hei, which means Hello, it is just polite when you are crossing the path to each other. You can always talk about the weather with Norwegians and about how great the nature is and the hike. Final saying: God tur! Remember to bring nistepakke (Food) and water.





Grytavatnet, Ålesund, Sunnmøre

How to preform -  Hiking Lauparen



400 meters in 1 km

How to preform -  Hiking Lauparen - Last 400 meters



The Alps of Sunnmøre

On our way to Lauparen


Alps and Fjords

Alps and Fjords in Summore, Norway

The Top of Lauparen 1434 MASL

     The Top of Lauparen 1434 MASL  The Top of Lauparen 1434 MASL


Lauparen in Ålesund