Lazy Sunday

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Adam’s Peak Climb with 5 381 steps

On of my most special travel moments so far in life. I love having no expectation to a place, and then it blows me away. Adam’s peak climb was this. What is Adams Peak? It is the place where Adam first…

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West Coast of Norway is stunning - Are you coming to visit?
Lazy Sunday, Norway

West Coast of Norway is stunning

Sometimes I forget how beautiful home is. I just reminded myself with these pictures from Ervik and Hoddevik. This is 30 min from my home place in Norway and three hours from Ålesund city and it´s stunning, so beautiful. The…

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Buenos Aires in Pictures

I just love, Buenos Aires. The time is an illusion her. It´s soon coming to an end. I have to enjoy the last days to the fullest. I really enjoy living in this city for some months. A totally new…

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