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One day I received an Email from this really cool girl Renate that has the blog Red is an Attitude. She told me that she had nominated me for the The Liebster Award. An award that can only be given by other people in the same category as you. With other words people that are sharing the love of story telling and adventures.

Her I was feeling a bit lonely on my blog and suddenly I´m nominated for the Liebster Award that are given by other great storytellers, what a great feeling! Thank you Renate for the nominations. People are following my adventures! The part of this Liebster Award is to answer 11 questions, which the storyteller that nominated you have created.


The Liebster Award

Renate’s question for Pauline Travels 


Number 1. Have you ever experienced anything dangerous during your exploring of the world, if so give us the juicy details

There was this one time in Belize in San Pedro. I was on the beach sunbathing, had a new bikini. I didn’t have the practice to close it in the back when sunbathing. A lovely gentleman went for my rescue, he helped me out with closing my bikini. This guy was on vacation with his cousin, he was visiting from Guatemala. He invited me lather for a discovering of the island. I said yes, because I love adventures.


Then I went on a scooter with a guy that I only have been talking with for an hour. The sun was gone and it was dark. He wanted to go to this special bar. He only talked in Spanish, I’m trying the best to understand everything. On they way to this bar, it was suddenly no more houses and we were in the middle of nowhere, we went on driving and I started to get scared, thinking “OMG is this it, will I get kidnapped now?!?!?” We are about 15 minutes driving from the city center. No houses and no cars. Just jungle. We are still driving, then suddenly there was light again. We went of the road down to the light, is this the bar? “I dearly hope so” and there it was a perfect beach bar in Belize in the middle of nowhere. There they where, all the Americans that was on the same airplane as me, to Belize for a wedding. I´m safe, let me enjoy the moment of being in this amazing cool bar and practicing my Spanish.


In this story I was really scared that I had misjudged my gut and instinct about the guy being a good person. In the end he was a really great guy from Guatemala, that really wanted to travel and explore, just like me.

The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels


Number 2. What is your most romantic moment abroad?

I was invited by my Argentinean Tinder date on his yearly pool party with 300 Argentinean and my Gringos friends with other words my family in Buenos Aires. We were so excited to have this great experience with maybe the craziest pool party in Buenos Aires or actually in San Miguel – 40 minutes outside of Buenos Aires. Awesome party, not so awesome Tinder date. Or he was cool and probably loved having some international people on his party, we didn’t end up kissing that night or ever.


It was 07.00 in the morning, it was time for the gringos to go home. Which in Argentina is to early for anyone to leave a party. Anyway we went on the train, even do it was dangerous “late in the night”. There it was 3 tired people sitting on the train and almost falling a sleep. Then it was me, a bit drunk and a bit curious about this guy sitting next with us on the train. A cute smile, very charming and even with a guitar. He is looking at me. He is so handsome.


It was time to make a move, I went over and asked where is the Palermo station (where we went on when we went to San Miguel;)) he explained in perfect Castellano – spanish, of course I only understood a 1/3 of it, who cares. He had perfect brown eyes and he was smiling of my bed jokes about his name Enrique being Enrique Inglesisas. We went on looking at each other eyes and smiled. Then we arrived to Palermo station. We where getting out of the train, so was he. We decided to go and have pizza in the morning, yes me and my 3 other friends and Enrique. The rest is another story 😉


The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog

Argentinean Pool Party with my coolest friend in Buenos Aires


Number 3. Of all the places you have been what has had the most breathtaking nature?

This one is so hard. There are so many beautiful places in the world. I really think Iguazu falls was incredible, but I loved traveling in between the mountain of Andes in Argentina, Chile and Peru. In Belize, I completely found my ever to be desert island as well. New Zealand was scenic and reminded me of Norway and it´s nature that will always be in my heart.

The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog

Iguazu falls

The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog

Belize – The Blue Hole

The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog - 10 Days Itinerary of West Coast Norway

Norway – Dalsnibba

Number 4. What camera and lens are you using to capture your moments?

I´m actually not so focused about the camera lens and these things. Because I´m an amateur, I mostly use automatic setting and focus on the story I want to tell and the different levels and lines of the photo.

One of my favorite thing to do is to take picture of other people taking picture. I love seeing people creating memories. My last camera was a Canon G11, I completely loved it. Now I have changed to a Sony HX90 V, I was the lucky winner of  the photo contest to the Norwegian travel magazine – Vagabond. I´m not used to the Sony camera, so we will see if I end up going back to Canon.





Number 5. What place would be the very last place on earth you would ever settle in, and why?

This is a hard one. If there is one place, I wouldn’t live for a long time would be Honningsvåg the Northernmost city of Norway. Not because of the beautiful Northern light, but because of the winter darkness and no sun in the hardest winter months. I can’t survive without daylight. I would never function in this small city.

In the summer month the sun is up 24 hours a day, that will also drive me crazy. I just don´t think Honningsvågen would be a place for me to live.


Number. 6 What is the craziest place you have slept during your traveling?

It´s not very crazy. It shows my sleeping heart. On the way from Ella Hill Country in Sri Lanka towards Adam´s peak climb with 5 381 steps, we went riding with a tuk-tuk for a 6 hours drive, which is crazy uncomfortable and even more when the road is dirt road. That does not matter when the baby is tired, so I was falling asleep in between a Swedish girl and a Sri Lankan boy on our bumpy-ride to one of my best travel moment’s ever – Adams´s Peak!


Liebster Award - Pauline Travels in Sri Lanka


 Liebster Award - Pauline Travels in Sri Lanka

Number 7. If you could relive one travel memory which one would it be, and why?

I wold love to go back and be in Galapagos, an incredible place on this earth. The Animals are in paradise and people are trying to do there very best to preserve it and make it stay sustainable for the future. I admire the work the locals do for their island. I loved swimming and diving between the richest eco-system in the world. Giant tortoises, sea lions, marine iguanas, penguins and blue footed boobies and underwater many sharks and interesting species of fish.


The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog

The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog

The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog

The Liebster Award - Pauline Travels - Travel blog

Number 8. What type of person would be your worst travel companion nightmare?

The person that are more occupied with the hotel standard then the adventures that we can discover in this new exciting destination. I don’t like a person that go traveling for drinking it away. I don’t say no to a good party, I don’t need one everyday when traveling.


Number 9 When it comes to traveling there are often two contrasting traveler types, which one are you (choose one of the two concepts that suits you the best):

  • Hotel; safe, clean, and comfort is my thing – Hostel; I’m only gonna sleep there.

I´m a mix in between, it all depends on my budget. For the most of the time I have stayed in Hostel´s. I love being their when traveling solo. Because then you meet up with people and have fun and new stories to tell. When being long time on the road, sometimes I do two or three hotel days to just get my privacy and completely relax, sometimes when traveling there is off days. Sometimes you just need a good shower and a room only for yourself. Then the battery is charged, I can go back to the dorm environment.


  • Suitcase – Backpack

When traveling long-term, I love traveling with a backpack. It makes everything easier, especially when traveling in areas that are not constructed for suitcases rolling in the streets or sand. I love how the backpack force me to pack less and enjoy more. I really discovered how little you need when traveling. You only need 1 party outfit! not 10! – when backpacking. They are never going to wonder, is she using this dress again, because you travel they haven´t seen you in it before. You will leave before using this dress again. You are fine!


  • Luxury short stay – On a budget long stay

I love traveling long-term, it gives me complete freedom and peace. I love being out there getting lost in the world. Forget about weekdays and time. Just exploring and discovering new places and new people. If that is not the option, I love a short stay and a small time out from the normal life. It don’t need to be luxury, it just need to be something different and clean.


  • Risk averse – Risk taker

I prefer safe! the World is scary and I love my life so I like to be careful in which situation I put myself in. I say yes, If I have a good feeling, I try too trust my gut and go for it. If not: I´m not afraid of saying: No and speak up if it´s not okay. Sometimes you just have to be smart about yourself, especially – When traveling solo first time as a female traveler.


  • Experiencing one place over longer time – Experiencing many places with shorter time within each place.

I loved experiencing Argentina and Buenos Aires City on along-term, it really gave a great understanding of the city and the people. The only bad thing with experiencing a place in a long-term, is that you sometimes forget to do the tourist thing that you should see or do, then again you had the local experience that the tourist would never have. I never danced tango in Argentina, I totally forgot it, did go to the local disco with my Argentinean friends and danced Cumbia to the morning. Then stopping by the local panderia for freshly backed Medialunas before hitting bed.


Number 10. Show me your favorite travel photo, and tell me why this is so close to your heart.


Traveling with my best girl – Malin in Bangkok, Thailand.

Being happy for being together and discovering together.


7 Great things about Koh Tao

Saying Yes to a motorbike ride with an Australian guy.

End up in this amazing view point of Koh Tao, Sairee Beach.


Number 11. What’s the most important point on your bucket list?

I really want to return back to Argentina and discover the rest of the country just not Buenos Aires. I have to go to Patagonia and I have to go to Salta. I´m in love with Argentina, so at one point I need to go back and have a love affair. I have to go to Colombia and discover the beauty of this country and the people as well. I really believe in changes, this is why I want to see this country transformation in the time after Pablo Escobar.

The last one is Antarctica. My dad has been working there for some years now, I really want to go and see this beauty of wild nature and animal life. There is a lot of history for Norwegians with Roald Amundsen that was the first man to lead a successful expedition to the South Pole and the stories of Norwegian fishermen. I want to visit the Falkland Island and South Georgia. I want to understand more about the history and the settlement in this rural area.

Of course visiting the animals -> Video – Play



Now it´s time to nominated new members for The Liebster Award that discover new blogs and storytellers. This is why I will be nominating some of my favorite blogs for The liebster Award and give them the opportunity to answer my 11 questions.


Hamaca Reiseblogg







  1. What is your most crazy travel adventure? Where did you go and what did you do?
  2. Which country have given you the feeling of being home fare away from home?
  3. Where would you like to travel next this  year and why?
  4. Why do you travel? What gives you the butterflies when traveling?
  5. Where did you have your best dating experience when traveling?
  6. Show me your best travel selfie, and why do you love this selfie?
  7. What is the one thing that you always have to travel with?
  8. What is the most interesting person you have met on your travels?
  9. What is the most delicious thing you had when traveling and where can we eat it?
  10. What is your best travel advice?
  11. If you ever end up on a desert Island, which Island is it and what is the 1 thing that you will bring with you?