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7 Tips for London on Limited Money

London on Limited Money, is achievable. It is not going to be a grand tour with musical and shopping in Oxford Street. When you have limited money, you have to be wise with the money and spend them well. This trip was my first time in London and I had only 48 hours to make the most of it with limited money.


London on Limited Money have room for friends, smiles and laughs which is free of cost

My plan was to have the most awesome time with my most awesome London Girl, Vickey! She is the girl I lived together with in Buenos Aires for some time. We traveled together in Montevideo and Iguazu falls. It was time for a reunion with this beautiful girl, that I miss having in my everyday life. I did meet up with Emma & Nikki that is Vickey´s friends, which I meet in Buenos Aires as well. Just seeing these three lovely girls made my London trip very rich without paying any money, just smiles and laughs. The same for meeting up with Felix at his Facebook Office in London, it  was great to see him and how well he embrace his new home and city. Felix and I become friends earlier this year during our Crazy Machu Picchu ride.


1. Underground

This is the way the locals travels, with other words the cheap way and in rush hour the convenient way. You will probably arrive to Victoria Station as your first underground station, if you are coming from the Airport (I went on the Gatwick Express train to VS). When in Victoria Station go to the ticket boxes and purchase the Oyster Card putt on 10 pounds, you will probably have enough money for 48 hours in London with the underground. I love the underground it takes you anywhere and it is easy to ride.


Underground London

2. Hostel & Borough Market

You will have to find yourself a Hostel to stay in. It is cheap and it has great location, you can go home whenever on the night.

Vickey and I decided to stay at St Christopher´s inn Village with just a 5 min walk to London Bridge and only 2 min to the Borough Market the most delicious food market close by.

We know that Hostel sometimes can be hard to stay at, there is so much fun staying at them.

One night we ended up having a South America meet up, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and one girl from London and one girl from Norway that loved South America. It was so much fun meeting up with them and go into memory lane of South America – Bocca o River?? Chee, Boludo!!


Borough Market the most delicious food market

3. Notting hill

Well because of Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts and Rhys Ifans or because of the Notting Hill movie. You have to take the trip with the underground up to the Notting hill neighborhood, find the door and get a picture. Strike a pose like Spike! I totally forgot that.

Walking in Notting hill is so beautiful with the market and all the colorful houses. It´s funny how many city has these colorful neighborhood, La Boca in Buenos Aires is charming, I think Notting Hill is even more charming. It has with the history of the neighborhood. In Notting hill it was charming boutiques every where and safe, in La Boca it was a high rate for getting rubbed.




Notthing Hill in London. What a great walk with great houses 🏡


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4. Tower Bridge

When Being in London on Limited Money you have to deiced on some key sites that you want to see. In my case, I decided that London Bridge would be the site that would pay to see.

For only 9 pounds I had the opportunity to see the museum, the inside and walking on top of London Bridge, which was a trilling experience. Tower Bridge has always fascinated me, when seeing it on TV or Pictures.

It was great exploring it from every side and the bottom to the top. From Tower Bridge I went with the Underground to Piccadilly Circus.

7 Tips London on Limited Money   London Bridge   London Bridge   7 Tips London on Limited Money   DSC00326   DSC00333   DSC00364   DSC00370   DSC00353   DSC00376   7 Tips London on Limited Money   DSC00395

5.Free Walking Tour

Piccadilly Circus is my start destination for the Free walking tour hosted by myself. Then I continued down to Trafalgar Square, walked around and looked at some street arts.

Then down the streets for some more London Monuments – Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

I finished the tour with the biggest of them all Buckingham palace. Or I did actually walk up to Hyde Park for taking the underground back to London Bridge and the hostel.

I used around 3 0r 4 hours on this by walking, taking picture and drinking coffees. I forgot to actually have Tea in London, so next time.   DSC00400   DSC00403   DSC00428   DSC00435   DSC00451   DSC00473   DSC00483   DSC00502   DSC00506   DSC00509   DSC00515   DSC00520

6. Gin O´Clock at 241 Bermondsey

The girls need to have their Gin & Tonic. We went to Bermondsey for our pre-drink before dinner. Delicious gin and fabulous girls, what more can I ask for. So much fun. If you have time and money maybe go on a gin tour.

7.Proper Pub Food

How much do we have to say her? When in London, you must have proper pub food – delicious, heart warming and rib-sticking. If you are girl where a skirt, you can eat more.

Food heaven and that for a good price.

  • Woolly Burger: Beef Pattie, Pulled Pork, Cheddar, Chipotle Mayo, Chips
  • Woolly Parmo: Chicken Schnitzel, Chorizo & Gruyere, Chips, Salad
  • Pies: Steak, Blue Cheese & Mushroom Pie Mash


  • DSC00535   DSC00538

London on Limited Money

It´s not a problem when you have the best London girls to spend time with. I did see what I wanted to see for my first time in London. I will return for some musicals and some shopping in Oxford Street for another time. This was only my first time in London, not my last one. It is so funny to finally see London with my own eyes, after so many years reading about it and watching the city from Movies, News and TV shows.

What is Yours best tips


for London on Limited Money?


Thank you London for two great days And thank you @vkg1 for a great time😘 A photo posted by Pauline Solheim (@paulinetravels) on