Argentina, South America

Lujan meets Luján

Lujan is one of my best friends from Argentina. We went on a Saturday trip to the beautiful roman catholic church building in Luján. It is not a cathedral, but a temple if we believe in Wikipedia facts. It´s dedicated to Lady of Luján, patron saint of Argentina. We went there to see something beautiful, but also to do something bigger then that. We went to say thank you for Lujan.  


Basílica Nuestra Señora de Luján




When Lujan, my friend was born it did take tree days before her mum could deliver here. Lujan´s dead was praying for his wife and his daughter life to Saint Luján. When Lujan was born, here dad decided that here name was Lujan without discussion. Last year Lujan got bad news that she was really sick, her future wasn’t in the best hand. After this bad news, the family decided to go an pray in the hospital church room. When they left the room, there was a sign saying: this room is dedicated to the Saint Luján. A year lather Lujan is back in good health, recovered from her sickness and showing me here garden angel home building in the city of Luján. Sometimes I like to believe that there is a bigger meaning with everything. That small things that seems like small coincidence, can be a part of the bigger picture.

Thank you for Lujan. She is a beautiful person.

I’m blessed that I get to know here


  Thank you; Lujan for sharing your story and showing me Saint Luján´s building 

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