South America, Uruguay, Visited on Backpacking Budget

Montevideo the city of Tranquilo

I know that not everybody is gonna agree with me on this post. This is my opinion about the city. Montevideo is the city that sleep if you compare it to Buenos Aires, which is the city that never sleeps. It is a big difference between Montevideo and Buenos Aires when it comes to the speed of city life.

Tranqui          Tannat         Parilla          Mate        80s      American Dollars 

You arrive into the capital and you don’t know whats happening, are everybody on vacation or… ? Now this is just how the capital in Uruguay works. It’s all about the tranquilo, which means slowThere are no much cars in the street, and if there is a car it will stop when you cross the road. Which is crazy if you have been in BA, were you are afraid to get hit by a car when you cross the street. Montevideo is really a city to go if you need a break from big brother Buenos Aires the city that never sleeps. Everything is relaxed in Montevideo and if you arrive on a Saturday all the shops will be closed early mid-day.  So you can just have a tranqui day.


Montevideo the capital of Uruguay

Fun fact: Argentinean guy about Montevideo – Uruguay it reminds me about Buenos Aires in the 80s. Australian guy, I feel like Buenos Aires in the 80s. We all have different aspects of reference, I  will say. I did listen to AC/DC in Montevideo at the local bus. We will all have different opinions, it´s fun to see how they are sometimes out of nationality. 


 Go to the Beach have a Nap and see the dead fishes

Montevideo beach is really nice and clean. I had a lovely sleep there with the sound of the waves. It was nice to just be there and be completely relaxed and doing the whole tranqui style. I didn’t go swimming, the water is kinda brown and there are dead fishes around at the beach. I don’t know what happened, if it is pollution or something else. It didn’t look good.


Montevideo City Beach, Uruguay


Go for dinner and drink wine from there national grape Tannat

Walk into a parilla anywhere and taste some really good Uruguayan meet. They maybe be on the same or a higher level then BA when it comes to the quality of meat, so good. We didn’t complain. You have to taste the national wine from there most famous grape Tannat. So delicious, a true experience. If you are tired of meet go for some fish which was also really great. We ended up going at a place called Parada Sur.


Sunday Marked

Went to the market in Dr. Tristan Narvaja street. It was an amazing market. Here you can buy everything even a gold-fish if you need. Or veggies or some other things. I just loved it. I walked around for tree hours and had some food in the stands there. Was just happy walking around and looking on all the different things people were selling vintage things, furniture, clothes, books and everything more. It is a must if you are in Montevideo on a Sunday. Suddenly there were many people in the streets. There were some action, oh right I liked that. Seriously a must do.



Montevideo Sunday Market

Which fish should I take home today?


Backpacker stayed at Ukelele Hostel

A place that really made my trip. The staff was friendly and helpful. It was so fun being back in the hostel and get a feeling of the traveling spirits. I meet so many cool people. They maid sure that my stay in the sleepy city become a little less sleepy. So which country did I meet: UK, America, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Brazil and Argentina. Was nice hearing on how they are traveling South America, most either traveling upwards or down. It was all in all a good stay with a lot of fun. The room was good, it was free breakfast and a nice pool that was clean and some bad WiFi. That just made you talk a lot with the people in the hostel and not with the people on your phone. That was nice. The two last day of traveling  I was flying solo again. It was totally fine, it is really not a problem for me, only an opportunity to get to know more people and different lives.


Colonia – Que linda!

Walk around and see how beautiful this small place is. So nice and quiet, you suddenly feel very relaxed walking around there. You only need some hours to walk around. Or it depends on what kinda person you are and what you like. You have seen a lot in just a couple of hours. Some people stay a night there and just enjoy the atmosphere.





Montevideo & Uruguay

Is not a place to go for saving money. It has many other good things to offer. This time it offer me a new stamp in my passport, more American dollars and some tranquil days in Montevideo. If you have time I would really recommend you to travel further one upwards to the beaches like Cabo Polonia and other places. It sounds very beautiful from what I heard from others travelers when I stayed in Montevideo. I also would say that Montevideo is not gonna be my favorite city, it´s nice and all that. I need more action. If you need to relax Montevideo and Uruguay will be perfect. People are very friendly and everything felt very safe. It was cool to visit and Montevideo is a nice city, but not my favorite.