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Moving to Madrid & Master Degree at EAE Business School

After a struggle with my luggage on nothing more than 32 kg, I finally made the security control! At least I’m on the way to my new life in Madrid. That’s right I’m moving to Madrid!


What I’m going to do in Madrid? I’m going to study my Master degree in Project Management at EAE Business School. The next teen months my life will be enrolling in Madrid and Spain! Ojalá!!


I’m pretty much a nervous child going on to the first day of School, and I’m not starting School before 18th of October. Tonight I will be arriving into Madrid by midnight, which is not my favorite thing to do. Arriving at a new city in the dark is never the best option. Then again it’s Europe, and I have my place for the hostel. I do speak some Spanish and with that everything will be fine. Let’s pray a silent prayer that bought of my luggage will arrive in perfect shape at Madrid Airport.


To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m in Norway or Spain, on the table next to me there are seven Spanish guys speaking what guys speak about.


Time 18:16 AirPlane Delayed and still moving to Madrid!



Arriving at the Hostel; The Hat Madrid

Arriving at The Hat Madrid around 02:30 and completed my check-in only with minutes. Then it was not much to do about that night, except getting to bed and try to sleep in the six-mans dorm.


Waking up to the first day in Madrid with sun and 24 degrees, was a welcoming start to my new adventure. Breakfast was of course bread with tomato mush, olive oil and black coffee as the night. Then, it was time to go on the Free walking tour of Madrid; suddenly I was kicked into 1000 years of Spanish History! I should read more about it – 79 Interesting Facts about Spain!





Important things: San Miguel Market

During my five days stay in the Hat Madrid, I had an excellent location,  which means in the heart of the center. One minute walking to Plaza Mayor – the grandest plaza in Madrid.


Then three minutes walking to food heaven with other words the Market of San Miguel! Famous tourist attraction, who cares? The food is great, cheap, and variations are endless! My personal favorite was hitting a plate of Paella for 5 EUR then cross over to the bar where the serve rose cava for 3 EUR a glass! Then for dessert a Burrata tapas and one more glass of cava! Happy times in the food market of San Miguel.




Stressing time: House hunting

Getting a Room in October is somehow like queuing in for Black Friday! Everyone want’s a place! We are 1000 or more in line. Talking to my English roommate that is becoming English teacher in Madrid, I realized the reality is hard! He had been looking for three weeks!! That is two weeks for many in a dorm when you are going to live somewhere.




Attack & Attack!

I was lucky and had one viewing and as adviced from my new international friends: Just take it straight away, if it seems okay. That’s what I did, right in front of this German guy, that was also looking at the room. I got the room. I’m happy for having a place. In the best scene of Madrid. It is great; everything is close. In 5 minutes walking, I’m in Malasaña the hippest part of town with high-end tattoo parlors, vintage shops, and uber-trendy cafés, bars, and restaurants. In 12 minutes I’m in Gran Via the main street of Madrid. The location is everything, and that is what I’m probably paying for as well.



My room is not cheap, that is why I signed only for three months because in January all the people from Erasmus will go home and I will go looking for a more reasonable place to stay and probably have more option in apartments than I did now in October.



My roommates are mostly people from North Europe: England, Germany, Austria and the United States as well. One guy from Spain. In my apartment, we are around ten people sharing kitchen and three bathrooms. Everything is good so far.




Yes, of course, I went to IKEA

I think when moving into a new city and a new room, it is essential to make it feel like your place and home. I went to IKEA and got new bed linen, some cute cushions, small table and fresh flowers. Then it is more home for me. Norwegians are famous for decorating their homes and make it cozy; I can’t live with a bed and call it a day. Mostly because we don’t have universal room. My room is the living room and bedroom. It has to feel home.





Federal Café

Can become my weekend spot for breakfast!



Getting Public Transport Card in Madrid

I will probably live a year in Madrid before I get it. It has been such a hassle! The first time, I was waiting 40 minutes in Sol Metro station, then telling me that I need an appointment for getting the card. Then I try registered online, I used to long time (everything was in spanish). It was not admitted.


Then I gave up on online-registration; then I went to this Tobacco House, that can do it without having an appointment, their equipment was broken, when will it be repaired? Tomorrow or this week? Or? We don’t know. Perfect! Then I tried to get an appointment with a Transport office; they don’t have a date free before two weeks. Cry me a river and welcome to Madrid transport system!





First Day at EAE Business School!

EAE ranks as the second most reputable business school in Spain in the 2017 Merco Ranking

Today is the first day at School; I will have the first class in an odd Scandinavian time which is 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM. I will have to get used to that. Wish me good luck!



Spanish Class & Spanish Language

Yesterday, I went talking to the professor for continuing my Spanish journey. I will be moving on with learning her in Madrid. Two hours a week. I think that will be a great beginning of remembering the grammar and more. She upgraded my Spanish level from A2 to B1; I’m already better than I thought I was. That’s nice!


My Spanish is such a blend of South America. From my routs from the Argentinean Spanish to the Coast of Colombia and Princess talk. Now in Madrid where words are not the same anymore it is not Hugo (Latin America) it is Zumo (Spain – Juice in Spanish. I genuinely love the Spanish language it is vibrant and colorful.




Bienvenidos a Madrid 🙂