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My first days in Buenos Aires

My firs days in Buenos Aires has been full of happenings. It is all going very fast. Hopefully I will manage to keep up with the city. We will see in three months how it’s going.

My first day in Buenos Aires was perfect! I had Emilio to guide me in the city. Which is the best, since he is a Porteño, a local man of Buenos Aires. He gave the grande tour of Buenos Aires by bike, as it should be in BA. Biking is the best way to get around in the city. Me biking in 4-files road. Yes I did survive, the unobservant me. It went okay, sometimes a bit scared. Especially when I almost fall into one of the buses. Except from that I recommend biking in BA! I rolled the streets of Buenos Aires.

What did we see. The important things first: Rolling down Av. del Libertador  (extending 25 km, didn’t do all the km, but almost). We had some stop, along the longest street of my life. We walked in the stairs of the Law Faculty, which is very similar to the stairs that Rocky did run up in Philadelphia. Emilio made pictures of the tourist at the stairs. I also maid a picture of the big beautiful flower with a lot of kids. We had to move along, big city! We crossed over to Recoleta Cemetery, so Emilio could have a more authentic feeling about guiding the gringo around the city. We went back true Santa Fé and Plaza Italia, which are the area I now live in. The area is Palermo Soho it is muy bueno! It has everything.



My first days in Buenos Aires

Pictures of Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires learning


What more did I do my first days in BA? Well I tried nightlife in BA style. Which means that you go to pre-party at midnight maybe you do two (as we did). Got introduced to Emilios Argentinans friends, que bueno! They were all super nice. They did even speak English. Hallelujah for the gringo that speak poco mal Espanol. We had a unplugged concert at the pre-party; how did they all get so good in playing so many instruments? Anyway. At around 03.00 in the morning, you finally go out. Then you dance until 07.00 in the morning, walk home in the daylight. On the way home we stopped by a bakery that had to many awesome croissants, especially when you are a bit drunk. I wanted to eat everything in that bakery. Yes, this girl had three croissants easy! They gave me a basket to fill up with whatever I wanted. It was difficult to say no! They all looked so good.

When you go INTO THE DEEP! Like we did, you are allowed to sleep for a long time the next day.  I did try Fernet, I have to say; give me three months maybe I will like it more. It was very effective. I really tried to talk Spanish with a lot of people. The next day we were just by a pool chilling in the most effective way. It was a good day.

I also manage to take the buses and the subway now. Today one of my new classmates did get her wallet stolen on the subway. This is very common in BA. As my teacher said; the people of Buenos Aires do it very nicely, they never use violence and most of the time you don’t realize that you just got robbed.  

Today was my second day with school, It´s going to be intense with only 12 weeks, but really interesting. Time to sleep again…