New Zealand

Horseback riding in Queenstown with horses on autopilot
New Zealand, Oceania

Horseback riding in Queenstown at Lord of the Rings locations

Horseback riding in Queenstown was a must do and on my list of 7 best places to visit in New Zealand. I didn’t have time to go to the actually Hobbit location on the North Island. I decided to do…

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10 Beautiful places to visit whenever
Argentina, Asia, Belize, Ecuador, Europe, New Zealand, North America, Norway, Peru, South America, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The World, United States

10 Beautiful places to visit whenever

10 Beautiful places to visit as young or whenever in any age. I really don´t think age should be a restrictions for discovering the world. I can understand that it sometimes is more easier when you are young and free….

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7 Things to Do Around the World, New Zealand, Oceania, The World

7 Great places to visit in New Zealand

When I was backpacking three months in 2014 in Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. I had to stop by New Zealand, when I was in Australia. It is close, only a couple of hours on an airplane and then you…

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