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7 Tips for Packing to Norway from a Norwegian

Decided to travel to Norway or maybe other Nordic Countries? Congratulation! You are going to have a great time in the Nordic Countries. Still, you haven’t done the packing to Norway? Are you almost panicking? Then packing to Norway from Norwegian expert is the right blog post for you.


I will give the packing advice’s that is necessary for traveling around Norway the most convenient way.


Not having the right clothes or shoes is not going to break the trip in Norway, but it can be less comfortable. Let’s make it a pleasant trip and let’s do the packing to Norway right in the first time packing. In this way: Enjoying the trip in Norway and not using your energy on being cold in May, because you have packed a warm jacket!


After growing up in Norway; I have picked up some tips on surviving Norway in all the seasons of the year.



4 Seasons All time of the Year!



1. Packing to Norway means packing for all Seasons of the Year!

If you are going to travel around in Norway, this is a real sentence. The weather in Norway is always changing, and it is not very stable. Norway is not Florida. When packing to Norway, you have to bring something from every season of the year. Wool is the best way to be ready for Norway’s weather condition. As Norwegian says: there is no bad weather only bad clothing! 


7 tips for Packing to Norway from a Norwegian

Dalsnibba and Geiranger fjord – with tourists having all sorts of layers



2. Packing to Norway means Wool so you can fit in with the Locals

Norwegian´s love wearing wool, it goes back to tips number 1. With wool, you are prepared for the four seasons of Norway. Wool has amazing quality and function.


In the winter and fall seasons it keeps you warm, and in the summer and spring season, it protects you with absorbing sweat when being activity.


For example when Hiking; The wool keeps you warm & dry. It makes sure there is time for you to enjoy the view of Beautiful Norway at the top of the mountain.


Wool is very comfortable wearing when moving around and traveling, even when being in airplane my Wool t-shirt is a life saver. Use Wool and adapt to the Norwegian situation and style. Wool is maybe the most important layer of many layers when clothing in Norway.


Two Norwegian that know how to pack to Norway

Summer in Norway: My sister is wearing a t-shirt, and I have a wool sweater. She is the one that is never cold in the family. I’m always cold and pretty sure I’m born in the wrong country when it comes to climate. In this picture, we are at the famous Hoddevika beach, where Surfers from all over the world comes to try the waves of West CoastNorway.


3. Packing to Norway is packing for Layer clothing

It gives you the option regarding weather and clothing. During the day you will be switching from only wearing layer 1 to layer 3, it all depends on the weather.


(1. layer) Closest to your skin there will be wool.


(2. layer) Insulation will be a fleece jacket or my favorite puffy down jackets, that can easily go in my day-pack. This jacket is perfect for spring and summer in Norway, is a great jacket for the winter to put under the last layer.


(3. layer) Shell. The shell is to keep you dry and protect you from the wind. You need this jacket in Norway – Summer and Winter! It should be waterproof and breathable – Gore- Tex. Pack Waterproof pants if you plan to have Outdoor and hiking activity’s in Norway.


When having these three layers, you can easily adjust body heat with removing or adding these layers throughout the day. You are ready for Norwegian weather conditions.



Packing to Norway from a Norwegian



4. Packing to Norway is packing shoes for Activity and Weather

I never manage to pack less than three shoes when traveling around Norway. I must have a comfortable yet chic sneakers for walking in the city. Then a pair for hiking – mountain boots that are waterproof. The last one the shoe for going out in the city (If you have cool walking shoes, go for it and only go with two shoes).


Blister Plasters has to be in your day-pack when doing hikes; you never know when you need a lifesaver. That will avoid pain and scarred feet.


Get expert help on Packing to Norway from a Norwegian - good shoes is a must

Hiking Lauparen at West Coast of Norway with my hiking boots

5. Packing to Norway is packing for Scarf, Hat, and Gloves

It sucks to be cold when you are hiking for 5 hours or when you are sitting outside in the Norwegian’s Cafe and enjoying your coffee at 0 degrees. Norwegian´s love sitting outside. They do it pretty much the year around, except when there is -20 minus. We like sitting outside in fresh air and maybe get some sun on our face in March. Prepare for that experience!


I help you with Packing to Norway

Even in Machu Picchu, I loved my scarf and headband! Use them a lot in Norway, every day most of the year.

6. Packing to Norway is packing for Comfort & Practical clothing

Norwegian we are more about comfort and having functional wear before style and fashion. We do love when they manage to combine practical garment with comfort and style in one.


Norwegian´s love wool clothing, we love it even more if it has a beautiful design. Most of the time we choice practice and comfort over fashion. You will see more Norwegians with practical wear than fashion wear. Don’t be worried if you feel a bit sporty that is a part of the Norwegian style!


The Norwegian tell you how Packing to Norway should be done

That’s me hiking in the mountains – March



7. Packing to Norway is packing for the Chance of Summer if summer season

Sometimes the Summer can be summer warm. When that happens: Norwegians go crazy. We love it! You should pack one pair of skirt and shorts. Just for when there will be some sun love. If you want to be crazy Viking; Take a bikini and meet 12 degrees water in the fjords of Norway. Sometimes you find Norwegian’s going with shorts in 10 degrees because it’s summer and not because it’s warm.


If you need to check the weather Pent.no  compares the two biggest weather channels in Norway, Storm, and Yr.

How to change your packing from Florida to Packing to Norway - What do people wear in summer in Norway

Geiranger Fjord in August (Super lucky with the Weather) 25 degrees and Sun!


If you are traveling around in Norway, I would recommend getting a backpack with a day-pack. Because it´s easier since there are places and city´s in Norway with paving stone that is just horrible with a suitcase.


When snowing, the suitcase is a pain in the ass. When you are traveling on a cruise, maybe the bag will work fine. If you are traveling by airplane and by Norwegian, they charge you almost 20 U.S to check in your luggage.  At any chance go with hand luggage, then you can save money for more fun things in Norway.



Money Saving Tips

A lot of things in Norway you can do for free if you like to be outdoors and active. Hiking, fishing is bathing and enjoying fjord view with some of the freshest air in the world is for FREE.


A thing that is very expensive is accommodation, if you are not the Camping person or Van Person, I will give you $25 in FREE Travel Credit when using AirBnB, which is perfect for option friendly places and the local experience. You can travel, and I can travel for this money. Let’s help each other out. And you can get $ 15 Reward for You and Me when using booking.com.

Booking.com has a significant variation of hotel choices on their page and great reviews about the hotels. Booking.com makes it easier to find the right hotel for the best experience in Norway.




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