Tranquil & Beautiful Tabarca Island a day trip from Alicante
Europe, Spain

Tranquil & Beautiful Tabarca Island a day trip from Alicante

Tabarca Island around 50 minutes outside of Alicante with the boat and is the only island that is inhabited on the Alicante coast. The island is 1750 meters long, with a maximum breadth of 300 meters and entirely flat. Tabarca…

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Costeño Beach in Sunsrise! The Rare & Hidden Paradise in Colombia
7 Things to Do Around the World, Colombia, South America, Visited as Solo Female Traveler, Visited on Backpacking Budget

Costeño Beach the Rare & Hidden Paradise in Colombia

Costeño Beach; I can still remember as if I was there yesterday! The beach was full of sparkling people from all over the world and the atmosphere of truly having arrived at the Coast of Colombia.   The heartbeat goes…

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Colombia, South America, The World

How to Perform the Cocora Valley hike

How to perform the Cocora Valley hike in Salento Cocora Valley hike can be done in many ways as it is with many tourist destinations. Which one is the correct way for you to perform? That depends on your goal…

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Colombia, Postcard, South America, The World

Postcard from Colombia 

I’m very close to have been in Colombia for 1 month. I know, I’m doing bad on the blog. The decision to not have a computer was my dumbest so far in this travel. I think actually grandpa is doing…

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Great things to do in Cartagena de Indias
7 Things to Do Around the World, Colombia, South America, The World

7 Great things to do in Cartagena de Indias 

The little city on the coast of Caribbean filled with colorful buildings, smiling people, history in every corner and love for everyone. This is Cartagena de Indias, the colonial town with all its heart pumping for you to fall in love with…

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Postcard from Cartagena
Colombia, Postcard, South America

Postcard from Cartagena 

Cartagena; The Queen in Caribbean with colorful buildings, tropical climate and history on every corner. This is where I decided to start my trip this time in South America. Postcard: Are my personal travel notes. This note is about Cartagena …

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Wynwood Art Walls Miami
North America, United States

Wynwood Art District The Eclectic Part of Miami

When something bad turns right, and 70 artists representing 20 countries creates magic on 85 000 square feet of walls. Then you have the new Wynwood Art District in Miami that changed. Wynwood Area was a crime scene and consisted of…

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7 Things to Do Around the World, South America

7 Favorite Latino Songs for the Weekend

In two days I’m going to Colombia by this let’s get the weekend started with something more than the normal top list of Western Music. Get yourself ready for Latin America. Don’t you just love it when you are traveling…

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Book Free Flights to Miami & Florida
7 Things to Do Around the World, The World, TRAVEL SMART, United States

7 Steps for reaching Free Flights to Miami & Florida

Free flights to Miami and the world is open. Or more precisely; Latin America. Because Miami & Florida is a spring board for Latin America and this is why free flights to Miami is perfect for traveling further on to…

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The Travel Year 2016 for Pauline Travels | Solo Female Travel Blog
Europe, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden

The Travel Year 2016

The year of 2016 has been a curved time for me. Returning back home from traveling in 2015 and re-adjust to everything have not been easy. Then again is life ever easy? During the time finding my new way of…

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