Colombia, Postcard, South America

Postcard from Cartagena 


The Queen in Caribbean with colorful buildings, tropical climate and history on every corner. This is where I decided to start my trip this time in South America.

Cartagena de indias - old town

Postcard: Are my personal travel notes. This note is about Cartagena 

Standing in Miami Airport and trying to humbly say I don’t need a return ticket because I have Norwegian passport, was approved after talking with superviser. With this I was on my way to Cartagena de Indias and South America.


Finally after so much talking it was time to put words into action. Arriving at the Airport and getting the taxi to the Casa. Went hustle free. It is always greet when that happen. The price was correct and no arguing.


My first day pretty much evolved in walking around the Old City and enjoy all the colorful buildings, beautiful flowers and outstanding door design.


I live in Getsemani neighborhood which is right outside the old city center. This neighborhood is a quirky mix with tourists, expects and of cours locals. The sstreets are colorful but more authentic. In my street the police station is as well. I feel very safe! This is why I’m starting in Cartagena, they are having a large number of Police controlling the streets and making us gringos feeling safe in the streets anytime of the day. That’s not the case for Bogota.


The Casa I live in has a great combination of great price, delicious breakfast, spot on location and clean bathroom with towels.


Yes, I’m trying to get better in Spanish. It is very hard to push myself when you can speak English. Luckily a lot of people do not speak English. I’m signed up for 1 week Spanish Class at Nueva Lengua to getting started. Maybe I will come back lather for more or take classes in Medellin. The Class is really great. The Teachers are funny and understanding. They don’t speak English, or maybe some words. You have to get the understanding in Spanish and I love that I actually understand it.


I live in a dorm with four people. They are all cool people. So far it has been people from: Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium and Norway. I have Norwegian guy as a roommate. He speaks Portuguese and are now learning Spanish.


Yesterday we visit Castillo San Felipe! Ended up on a rooftop Terrace partying until 02:00 then straight to bed. Ready for Spanish Class at 09:00. Hero at Night a Hero in the day.


When I keep talking to people my plans for Colombia keeps changing. We will see where I go. Stay tuned! There is more to come!


Hit me with Travel Tips in Colombia!