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Postcard from Colombia 

I’m very close to have been in Colombia for 1 month. I know, I’m doing bad on the blog. The decision to not have a computer was my dumbest so far in this travel. I think actually grandpa is doing better with the Ipad and what I am (writing on my iPhone instead).

Anyway everything is going fast! There is an enormous amount of beautiful things to see in Colombia. My head is overwhelmed with all the impressions of people, language and beautiful sites.

I have been in Cartagena, Playa Blanca, Santa Marta, Costeno Beach, Baranquilla and now I’m on a four hour delayed plain ride to Armenia so I can go and check out Salento and the worlds highest palm trees. Then next will be Medellin, Casa en el Agua then the grand final in San Andres and Providencia. As you can see there is a lot to write about. It will come at some point!

Yesterday I spent my day on laundry and making bookings for further travel in Colombia. Visiting San Andres and Providence is supposed to be out of this world beautiful, but not very easy. Or it requires a lot of pre-planing. Which I do have limits for.

Then the question is what about after Colombia?
I really don’t know yet. It depends on how much money that will disappear in San Andres & Providencia. The opportunity for volunteering in Argentina, the most preferred are of course Buenos Aires, my first love in South America.

Any Questions? Yes, I love Colombia!!