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Postcard from Santorini & Sneak Peek of the trip

A delayed Postecard from Santorini due to bad wifi  & short time. There will be more post’s the next month about our 10 days Island Hopping in Greece: Santorini, Antiparos, Paros and Athens.


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Postcard from Santorini & Sneak Peek of the fun we had

Currently sitting in the couch under the shade and enjoying the magnificent view of the Caledera and Oia. Our two days in Santorini is over and 48 hours went to fast as almost always. We did get to see the important things> Red beach, Kamari Beach, Oia and Imerovigli. Let us not forget the three hours walk mid-day to Oia in 30 degrees, a really pleasant walk for the eyes not for the soul.

We know for sure that 1 day we will have to return and complete the rest of the adventures the island has to offer. In our 48 hours in Santorini, we had a great taste of some of the sights and some delicious wine. Enjoy the digital postcard.


Imerovigli looking over to Oía

Postcard from Santorini & Sneak Peek of the trip

Postcard from Santorini is picture perfect!



Yesterday we were cruising Santorini with our ATW for the day. My sister also known as a bad ass driver, did make sure that we reached the island from more then one way. We had the Red Beach, Kamari Beach and Santos winery for amazing view point and wine tasting.


From Fira to Oía

Postcard from Santorini & Sneak Peek of the trip





Red Beach



Santo Winery



Sunset at Santo Winery







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Postcard from Santorini






We are now waiting for our boat ride to Antiparos and did a last minute booking of a hotel. It was the only one left on the island. Hopefully it will be a great location for some relaxing days.


Postcard from Santorini is only the beginning of this amazing trip! More Post’s are coming. Follow for more Adventures at Pauline Travels