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Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria a true charter

Gran Canaria 🇪🇸 It is very interesting to visit something that you normally wouldn’t visit. I can understand why people go: Sun, beach and easy life. It has Norwegian TV, Norwegian Bars, Norwegian staff, Norwegian food and Norwegian people visiting every year and repeating it 🌴 This is what I love: Everybody can travel! 😀✈️🌴 As my mum said – What would Gran Canaria be without tourists? I wonder. .

The reason for why I decided to go to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria was to visit my family that was on vacation. Since I have traveled the last half-year in South America, I haven´t had so much quality time with them. I decided  it would be nice to go and visit them and get a break from winter Norway. I really would´t go there if it was not for my family having vacation there. In my eyes this place is for the generation above me, my parents and my grandparents.


Panorma view over Puerto rico in Gran Canaria


When Arriving to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria, I just had to embrace it and let it be what it is, a place to get a tan, have naps in the sun, swimming, eating ice cream, eating dinner and then maybe drink some wine and then go to sleep and then repeat. It is a true charter destination. Nothing new or fantastic, it is pretty much how it was in the 90s, just the fact that the gravity has given it´s mark on the people at the beach. I think, I now know where topless sunbathing had is out spring from. There is a difference in being 20 and being 70 and sunbathing topless, loving that you are so free and careless. I guess that comes with the age.



Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria Beach Area

The beach in Puerto Rico was really nice, just clean and nothing bad. A lot of sun beds and a lot of Norwegian´s Sunbathing and smoking on the beach. Or when not sunbathing or smoking they were sleeping, they where in true vacation mood. It was so refreshing to swim around in the bay and enjoying the true charter vacation like a true Norwegian. It was great to just enjoy the sun and do nothing more.




The best Beach in Puerto Rico is in Amadores, the neighborhood beach

It has more scenic water and not so much pain when going out since it get´s deep fast. It has a lot more to offer in restaurants and they even have something more than just steakhouse, you can even go to Rorbua and get Norwegian Fish cakes for lunch. Or Italian food, you will for sure get with smoking. Being in Gran Canaria is like returning to the 90s everybody smoke and they do it everywhere. A painful feeling for a non smoker. Happy World for all the smoker, they are making the most of it everywhere.

As our friendly Sun-bed staff said about Amadores, you want 3 sun beds? No, that is in Puerto Rico. Amadores is a popular beach so go early if you want to be together on the beach.


The famous Mall in Puerto Rico

This is where everybody go to get dinner and fun. You have around 174 different steakhouse that are all competing about serving you food this night. They all have the best food! To be honest the restaurant San Miguel, is the best one. Of course other places as well are good, there is a lot of the same food with not much variation. If you are looking for extraordinary food and authentic food, this is not the place. Indian food in 2. second floor is divine, if you are allergic to nuts don´t eat there. I did get a reaction, even do I said no nuts. There can always be traces, this time bad luck. So sad because the food was fantastic!

Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria with the big mall in the center

When you are done for dinner it is time for Party

You can then go up to second floor and visit all sorts of bars like Lillebrors or Shamrock bar. Or you can wait to 03.00 in the morning and go for the disco and see if you find some young people in Puerto Rico. They do actually exist. You will watch the most fucked up bartender in Puerto Rico he is a naughty thing. That has a naughty mind with to many naught attributes. Anyway happy hour on another level, where they give you Gin with Gin.


When you have done the beach and the mall, well you have done it all

There is not so much to do in Puerto Rico just from enjoying the sun and the heat. The fact that you don´t have to wear winter clothes. It is good, but it don´t have so much culture or history. Or maybe crazy history from the 90s craziness, that is it.


You can walk to the top of the hill to the Norwegian Place if you want exercise

If you get a bit tired of being on the beach there is options, like mountain hiking in 32 degrees is just brilliant. You get a marvelous view over Puerto Rico, and you are ready for lunch when returning back from the hike. Takes around an 1 hour to the Norwegian meeting point on the mountains. I really enjoyed this walk.

DSC00626Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria


DSC00638Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria



DSC00640Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria


DSC00664Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria


You can go to the market in Puerto Mogán, which was my favorite

Friday market starts from 08-14.00 you can buy clothes, shoes, handbags, toys and even more things. Remember to bargain a lot with a smile, you will get a nice price – only for you! You can take the local bus one way then the boat back on the return. Then you will see the coast from above and at the sea. The bus ride is a bit crazy, if you ask my grandparents. I was bit tired felt asleep, it was dangerously scary. The boat will be relaxing experience. Please go with the local bus!! It cost you less than 2 euros it takes 20 min from Puerto Rico to Puerto Mogán.


Puerto Mogán my favorite place in GC



Puerto Mogán



Puerto Mogán



DSC00555Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria



Puerto Mogán boats



Puerto Mogán and their boats




The streets of Puerto Mogán

Last Words of Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria

Is a cute place with a lot of easy life. Nothing to stress or rush. We are enjoying the day and life. As the taxi driver said I´m going to be here to 4 pm nothing to rush. There is so much time, just take it easy – Tranquila. I love the spirit of people living so peaceful with the time. This is only in the more southern country this phenomena exist. In Norway we are all about the time and get moving. Enjoying the energy and  No pasa nada – No Worries. If you need an easy vacation Puerto Rico, would definitely deliver that. It will give you sun and a relaxing vacation. I loved being there with my family and just relax, eat, sunbathe and go for a swim in the ocean. The climate is perfect for winter cold Norwegian´s.

Landing at Gardermoen and stepping out in 0 degrees was a though return. I´m grateful for the trip in Gran Canaria, even do it´s maybe a better fit for the generation above me.

Fun fact. I did travel to Gran Canaria with Norwegian airline, not a charter. We lived in an apartment rented through from a private person.

PaulineTravels in Puerto Mogán


What is your latest charter destination?

How did you like it or not like it?