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10 Highlights from Road Trip in the Keys of Florida

We decided to do a Road Trip in the Keys of Florida. Experience some diving, Key Lime Pie, Island life and the Southernmost point of continental U.S.A. With a road trip down the keys the best part are all the great stops you do along the way of the scenic road; Overseas Highway U.S. 1.

We decided to use two day the Road Trip in the Keys, but if you have a good budget and more time stay longer! Island life is just the best vibe. In the Keys the atmosphere is very much alive with smiles and happy people all over the island. Even the overqualified train driver on our tour, was absolutely loving that he quit his job and moved to the Keys, the best decisions in his life. We had only two days, her are some of our favorite Highlights from the Road Trip in the Keys.


Road Trip in the Keys . .

is all about the great stops along the road

10 Highlights from Road Trip in the Keys of Florida



1. Stopping at Robert Is Here

Have a Smoothie of Exotic fruit, you don´t know the name of

Road Trip in the Keys needs smoothie


Road Trip in the Keys of Florida Eat the best Mango in your life.


I think this is an absolutely must do when having a Road Trip in the Keys. It is a great stop for getting your five fruits a day. They have everything in fruits and some of them you might even know the name of. When we stopped –  the Mango was in season, so we had to have one mango on the go, delicious. We also had there famous smoothies with exotic fruits.

If you go: Robert Is Here, 19200 SW. 344th St. – Homestead, FL 33034. M.M 127. Open 8 am – 7 pm daily.

2. Diving with Key Dives at Islamorada

Over 517 Species on the Reef

One of the reason we wanted to go on this road trip was for this very reason. Diving in one of the top divining destinations in the world. It has the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States, as said in KeyDives homepage.

The reason why we decided to go with Key Dives is because they provide with only 6 divers per guide, which makes safety high and not to many people disturbing the marine life and visibility. We were lucky, it was only 4 divers in our group w/ guide. We had a top experience, I really enjoyed that they had a slate where they put down the names of the animals throughout the dive. I actually learned some new names. The best part was, when we were lucky enough to spot a hammerhead shark. There are people that has been diving there for five years and not seen one. We did it on our first day diving in the Keys – Lucky.


Road Trip in the Keys requires KeyDives - Diving

I keep having hang ups on the small things on the bottom – This time, I did see the shark as well.

KeyDives - Diving


When we were driving on the road, there was sign about Key West being the diving capital in the world. We were happy that we already had our dive trip set up and ready to go! If you have short time, I think pre-booking is the way yo go.

If you go: 79851 Overseas HW, Islamorada, FL 33036 – You see them from the road. KeyDives homepage for prices. If Diving and short on time have lunch at Kev´s Cafe – Shrimp Of the day or a sandwich.



Feeding Wild Tarpon

In the same areas as Key Dives is located, you can also feed the Wild Tarpon for 5 US. Such a scary thing to do. They looked so big, so we decided that we were happy with just looking at them. If you are brave you should definitely feed them.  

Road Trip in the Keys of Florida




3. Take a Picture at Southernmost Point

Continental U.S.A.

Road Trip in the Keys of Florida


Selfie - waiting line You have to have a picture – The world has to know that you have been at the Southernmost point in the U.S.A.


I had a plan that on this travel that I was going to Cuba. Well, I have been very close two times on this travel – First time in Mexico – Cozumel when I went swimming with whale sharks, half way to Cuba on a boat and now in Key West with only 90 miles. I almost feel that Cuba are laughing of me. You almost made it, but really you didn’t. I love that I want Cuba, and many Cubans want the U.S.A. What a twisted world. I will be back when there is a ferry between U.S.A. and Cuba. We will see about that story.




4. Eating delicious Seafood

Nine on Five

The New York Times – February 2008
“What could be dreamier than a leisurely evening on the side porch of a dignified Victorian house, sharing a string of plates? Stuart Kemp has created a winner with Nine One Five.”

 NineonfiveWe went there an had the most divine seafood platter on my entire stay in the U.S.A. I decided to go for the Soil Mama Seafood Soup, absolutely amazing. I was very hungry, so I forgot to take picture. I would suck as a food reporter, there would never be picture of the food.

If you go: Maybe book a table or be super lucky to get one. NineOneFive


Duval Street – Where you go for party and watch or do crazy stuff . .

If you are able to stay up there are probably a lot of bar you should visit. After our two dives we were tired, and the only thing we manage to do was having a late dinner. From a Florida friend of mine, his favorite is to hang out at Schooner Wharf Bar and a other friends favorite is Omni hotels rooftop bar for sunsets and drinks.


5. Key West Tour Train

See a lot, learn a lot – and stay not to warm





When we were in the Keys it was around 35 C/95F and that is just to warm to do bicycling for two Norwegian girls. We jumped on the Conch tour train and in 90 minutes we been around the City. A lot of new information about the Key West historic building and other cool things. The fact that some of the houses were not painted because then they didn’t have to pay taxes on the house when it was not “finished”.  A nice fun fact that I didn’t know, but probably all the Americans did know. We did have bathroom break/Ice Cream break as well, halfway in the tour. With limited time this is the thing to do – if you want to see the city fast and convenient.



6. Eating Key Lime Pie

Blue Heaven

Road Trip in the Keys with Key Lime Pie


Have some nice lunch her, we went with the cheese sandwich and of course a piece of the Key Lime Pie No more explanation needed. We where to happy girls with happy stomachs. You can very often share your dinner or lunch when being two, because it is big platter wit ha lot of food!?! I understand why their is health problem in the U.S.A.  . .

If you go: Blue Heaven


7. John Pennekamp Coral Reef

Jesus on the Deep


Road trip in the keys has to include Jesus

Jesus on the deep is a bronze sculpture that have a weight at 4 000 Pound, is a major attraction. Go on the snorkeling tour and give Jesus Christ a visited underwater. We went snorkeling there and the highlight is of course to get a picture with Jesus. I should have Google how to make a great posture with the statue, I didn’t. Anyway it was fun and should absolutely be done when being on Road Trip in the Keys.


If you go: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo, Florida 33037, M.M. 102/5. Book in advance, or if not hope you are lucky to get on the snorkeling tour with just showing up. Snorkeling Tours Coast 29,95 Adults.


8. Seven Mile Bridge

IMG_9396  Road trip in the keys has to include seven mile bridge



9. Sunset in Key Largo






The Key´s are famous for their beautiful sunsets, so you have to see one and see if the rumor is true. They are truly beautiful, not the greatest one in my opinion, because they are at home in the West Coast of Norway. Maybe the weather wasn’t on the best term for a perfect sunset when we were there. We enjoyed very much having a front road table with great food and a very nice sunset. A perfect ending on our Road trip in the Keys.


Key Largo 1

If you go: We stopped at M.M. 81.5 and walked in to this restaurant that starts with an M – with a great sunset spot. It is next to the Pierre restaurant, were we planned to stop. The Neighbor got us instead.


10. Coral Castle

Why go? It´s love story and the first picture explains it

And also listen to the song Sweet Sixteen from Billy Idol. The song is inspired from the love story in the Coral Castle.


IMG_9588  IMG_9611

If you go: Coral Castle 28655 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33033



Final Saying about Road Trip in the Keys

When having a Road Trip in the Keys make sure to have enough time to see what you want to see.

We had two great days in the Key´s we did a lot, if we had more time we wouldn’t mind that either. There is a lot more to see – this was some of our highlights and some of the must do when going on a Road Trip in the Keys. If we had more time, we would definitely do a night in Duval the bar street and stopped in Bahia Honda M.M. 37 for an awesome beach. We would also have done a sunset at Mallory Square in Key West. Visit Hemingway house and his 100 cats. We just didn’t have time to reach everything. I guess we have to come back! I already miss Key Lime Pie. Big thanks to my sister for being an awesome travel companion Great memories.





 You went to the bottom? Thank you for your time.


10 Highlights

 From the Road Trip in the Keys

1. Robert is Here

2. Diving with Key Dives – Feeding wild Tarpon

3. Southernmost Point of Continental U.S.A.

4. Eat Seafood

5. Tour around the City´s historic building

6. Key Lime Pie

7. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

8. Seven Mile Bridge

9. Sunset in the Keys

10. Coral Castle