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7 Great Things to Do in San Cristobal Island in Galapagos

I had the pleasure of exploring San Cristobal Island in Galapagos for 12 days on a budget and as a solo female traveler. With this, I created the ultimate list of 7 Great Things to Do in San Cristobal.


The island has plenty of attractions to offer many of them for FREE. The attractions include incredible animal life, nature, sunset, fantastic atmosphere and the local disco. The best part: San Cristobal is less touristic than Santa Cruz, but more people than the Isabella island. San Cristobal is the island with perfect harmony and balance of life, nothing significant and very unhurried.


Sea lions sleeping on the bench on the street and the stairs. Marina Iguana is just chilling on the beach, and Blue Footed boobies are having a break on the Malecon. An average day in animal paradise and the best day experience for an animal lover that is fascinated by this paradise that Galápagos Islands is.



7 Great Things to Do in San Cristobal Island


7 Great things to do in San Cristobal - The Galapagos Island



1. Watch Sea Lions everywhere for Free

My favorite thing to do any time of the day was watching sea lions! They are hilarious and adorable. They are free to observe from every time of the day and night and whenever you’re ready. If they can’t make you smile?! There is no hope.

7 Great things to do in San Cristobal - The Galapagos Island

Sea Lions in San Cristobal - The Galapagos Island

things to do in San Cristobal - The Galapagos Island

2.Tijeretas for Snorkeling with Sea Lions & Turtles

One of the best things to do in San Cristobal is Snorkeling at Tijeretas Bay. Tijeretas is the place where we are playing and hanging out. I almost crashed into a Sea Lion when entering the water for the first time. Do not dive into the water 😉 It worked out perfectly, I went swimming and playing with the Sea Lion for 10 minutes. They are unfairly beautiful underwater!

On Cerro Tjerates Hill before the bay, you have a spectacular view and can easily spot the Frigate Bird.

 Tijeretas for Snorkeling with Sea Lions & Turtles in San Cristobal, Galapagos



3. Punta Carola & Hang out with Marin Iguanas

Everybody will show you the way to this little beach that is perfect for Sunbathing with the Marina Iguanas and perfect for sunset. On the way back you can have a stop at the beach: Playa Mann the locals favorite. Watch the Sea Lions play in the water. Remember to stop by the local bakery before returning to your accommodation. Buy a Pineapple Sweet!

Las Tijeretas, Punta Carola, and Playa Mann can all be done in the morning to midday if you have a short time for exploring. In the middle of these three lovely beaches, you find the Interpretation Center, where you can learn everything about Galapagos. Renting snorkeling gear was around 2 US dollars.




4. La Loberia the & Island Wilderness

In around 40 minute walk from town is the beach of Las Loberias. I recommend half a day there or the day if you have. It is a beauty! La Loberia a picturesque bay where you get close to the animal life: the marine iguanas & Sea Lions both on rocks and underwater. The Sea lions love swimming next to you and play.

Do not touch the baby sea lion. They get rejected by their moms, and they die. It breaks my heart to see baby sea lions that have to die because a human person had to be cruel and touch. Respect the animal life, do not kill them and let’s keep this as a paradise.

Walk around and enjoy this unspoiled wilderness with no houses, no garbage, and no plastic. Just Spectacular coastline filled with animal life & volcano landscape.

La Loberia the & Island Wilderness in San Cristobal 



5. One day Trip to Punta Pitt

In this case, you require being on an organized trip. To reach this far; eastern end of the island, you will need to go on a boat trip for two hours or something. The reward is a crazy volcanic landscape that, I have never seen before. It is a scenic walk for the 2 kilometers hike for reaching the view spot for red-footed booby. Which we did watch, and the same went for the blue booby. They were all there on our day.


Then we were on the golden beach for an hour before we went for the snorkeling around the small island outside, which was not so great because it was rough sea and nothing much to see, only a hard workout.


Full day Tour with Lunch, Snorkeling Gear & Guide included: 100/125 US dollars.







6. Eat Exquisite Seafood from the Barbecue

There are not much of five-star dinner places in San Cristobal. It is down to earth and very local style when it comes to food choice. Either you eat rice & chicken, or you eat what’s on the barbecue; that is pretty much delicious seafood cooked humbly with not more than some oil and herbs. Easy & tasty.


Afterward, it is time to go to the local disco and see how poorly your hips are moving compared to a Galapagos Person! Loved it! All the people in San Cristobal are friendly and help you.


Drink Maracuja Juego! Which is Passion Fruit Juice! Out of this world! And Coffee from San Cristobal.

7. Scuba Diving at Kicker Rock; Highlight of the Trip

The best for the last. Which is Kicker Rock or in Spanish Lion Dormida, the sleeping lion. Kicker Rock is not a dive site for beautiful fish and cute corals. Kicker Rock is the dive for big animals and rough conditions; With strong currents, cold waters, deep dives, and loads of sharks; hammerhead sharks, black tips reef sharks and Galapagos sharks. Of course, some cute turtles and sea lions, to not completely scare you off.


My last scuba dive, which was maybe my best dive so far in life. The visibility was excellent, and I was sharp as well, totally relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience. In my dive, I ended up seeing hammerhead sharks, Galápagos shark, Blacktips reef sharks, sea turtles and sea lions, an experience for a lifetime.

If you don’t scuba dive GO snorkeling!

Two tank dives: 160-180 US dollars with Gear. I recommend Galapagos Underwater – Safe and Serious!




Last Words About 7 Great things to do in San Cristobal


After traveling as a Maniac from Argentina to Chile and Peru. I decided that my 12 days in Ecuador and Galapagos would be in only the San Cristobal Island. I needed time to relax and enjoy the island atmosphere, which was maybe one of my best decisions during 152 days traveling around in South America.

Before I visited the Galapagos, I wondered if I would feel that had I enough money for the budget to do it the way I wanted. I did. I went on the tours I wanted to do and the dives that I wished to do. For me, it was perfect to just stay on San Cristobal Island. Of course, I want to visit the other Island as well. At that time of my travel, it was perfect just to be there. To watch all the animal is FREE! I did. I spent 15 US dollars a night in my room and around 3 US dollars for Lunch and 10-15 US dollars for dinner.

The most expansive coast was diving! Which is around 160-180 for two tank dives, that is pricey. Then again it is the Galapagos.


I hope this seven great things would be apart of the things you are planning for when visiting San Cristobal Island in Galapagos.



San Cristobal - The Galapagos Island