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Pauline Travels is a Travel blog that is sharing tips, adventures, ideas and great places to discover. The blog started in 2015 are now growing loyal readership – and brings in traffic from all forms of Social Media. The blog focus on the adventures that can be discovered in every destination. Pauline love being somewhere new, unknown and discover it. She believes that traveling is the best way to World Peace and a better understanding of this beautiful world.

A better understanding of the world and the people is why she travels.


Page Views/month 6 000 +

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38 % Men – 18 % in Age 25 – 34

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Combined followers over all social media accounts: 2 000 +

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Important Fact About Pauline

Pauline is a person who has spelling problems caused by dyslexia. Please don’t assume she is lazy or not smart when finding writing errors on the Travel Blog. Writing is a complex task for her, but Pauline loves writing and sharing even with her spelling problems. Since childhood, she has fought this struggle! Worked twice as hard as one that doesn’t have this handicap.


She is writing in English which is her second language. That makes it even harder sometimes to get the grammar and spelling correctly. She tries to make friends & family read her post and check spelling and grammar. They can’t always help her; sometimes she flies solo. Pauline struggle hard with seeing her writing mistakes and work very hard not to put them there. Sometimes it happens.




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Pauline Solheim the Founder & Content Creator of Pauline Travels


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