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7 Great Advice about Traveling First Time as Solo Female Traveler

Traveling first time as solo female traveler is very scary for any girl. It’s actually panic attack of teetering in the unknown. I remember when I told my friend that my big first trip around the world was going to be as Solo Female Traveler.


They where all “That is so brave! Are you not scared and will you be safe?!”


Personally, I didn’t think so much about the fact that I was being a Solo Female Traveler. I was more scared of traveling and having the Courage to Travel.



I’m the most clumsy person I know! I have a tendency of forgetting my passport and mixing up times on flights. Sometimes a bit lost in everything. This was my biggest concern for traveling solo first time around the world. Furthermore to miss important things and not get from A to B and to C. I manged well, that’s the cool part!


The clichés are if I can travel as a Solo Female Traveler around the world so can you! Even if clumsy. All you need is planning, some key points to remember and you will know how to reduce risk when traveling as a Solo Female Traveler first time around the world.


When traveling first time as a solo female traveler, there are key points you must consider


7 Great Advice about Traveling First Time as a Solo Female Traveler

I Will highly recommend Norway when Traveling first time as a solo female traveler.



1. Destination – Australia versus India

Let’s be honest just traveling alone is scary enough. You don’t need to put an extra heart-attack with choosing something that will give a complete cultural shock and not give any confidence when it comes to traveling around the world by yourself. Start with baby-step and start with something familiar to own culture.



Great first-time destination if you are a western person would be: Europe, Norway, Greece, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. These are places that are good starting point for a rocky teetering in the unknown. In these countries there will be people who speaks English. Thailand is one step further, also the backpacker destination number 1 in the world with all sorts of nationalities. In addition a great place to start for a budget backpacking trip.


In my first time as a solo female traveler in 2014: I started in Australia continued to New Zealand, went to Sri Lanka with my best friends and then separated with my best friend in Thailand. This trip was an excellent way to start my solo female traveling.



2. Pre-Plan Arrival – From Airport to Accommodation

Writing down all details in a book in case if your battery doesn’t stay alive for the entire flight is key. You never know when technology is going to disappoint. That is one of the greatest ways to reduce stress in your travel.


How are you getting from the Airport to the Hostel?

What is the best option bus or? Do the research it prepares you. Make a quick google search on how to get from the local bus station to the hostel and maybe check if the hostel has a pick up from the bus station.



If arriving by airplane: What is the best way to get from the airport to the city, should you spend money on a taxi or are their public transportation? How much will it affect the budget, your energy level, and safety?


At the Airport you have easy access to ATM

Take Cash out in the ATM at the airport to get the local currency, make sure there is some change and not only big notes (Taking out cash in a local ATM actually gives the best converting rate, of course you want the change to be in the local currency not in your home currency) . If taking a taxi or public transportation they can have problems with changing big notes. While you are at the airport; change the big notes, buy a bottle of water. Dehydration is necessary when traveling. You will now have change for the Taxi driver, which makes everything more comfortable! Nothing is more frustrating to run around in place you don’t know to ask for change.



Plan your arrival before being at the airport. The first hours in a new country will be more secure and stress free. Then you don’t end up looking like a lost puppy in the Airport where people will easy spot you and take advantages of the situation.



At departure: Always ask where you are staying, they always know the best option. I love the people at the front desk of hostels, they do fantastic jobs with answering all the questions. They are the best, they have all the useful information and knowledge about the place and by this use them for getting the best information.



3. Safety is all about reducing risk

When it comes to traveling first time as a solo female traveler, it is all about how to stay confident and safe when traveling and moving around the city & the country!


Have an idea of where the destination will be on where you are going

If you don’t know where you are going or get lost. Go directly to a café or McDonald’s for FREE WiFi and find the direction to the destination of where you are going. If you do get lost, hideaway that you are completely lost in the street. Go somewhere you can be safe! And not be a target for people who want to take advantage of the situation.



If people start’s to help you, think logic. How is this person behaving? Trustworthy or does he need’s to relax? Where is he/she helping you to go? This is about trusting your gut instinct. The more you travel the more you will be confident listening to it. You should always listen to your gut instinct! Ignoring your gut instinct could mean you overlook signs of approaching danger.


Ask people but remember who you are asking

In western country, people don’t need your money, and they quickly help you for free and, no strings attached and no safety issue.


When I was walking in the middle of nowhere in the streets of  Bangkok and was completely lost, I found this foreigner girl walking as a confident machine down the street of Bangkok. I asked her; she put me in the right direction in no time!



In Thailand the Thai people like to help you, but they can quickly put you in the wrong direction, because the want to help, even do they don’t know the way. Then you end up walking in the wrong direction for 30 min, then get sent in a new direction again from another Thai person.



Have an idea from the map where you’re heading! Try to look up when your walking and not lost on the phone-map, then it’s easy to take it away from you in-no time or steal from the backpack.



Don’t tell that you are traveling as a solo female traveler to random people. Make up a story, your friend is food poison and are staying at the hostel. She or him will know if you get lost.


Have a friend back home for sharing destination on Facebook

Sometimes we like to go an adventure and meet up with that guy that is going to show this really cool bar. That is great, but make sure to tell a trusted friend from home about it. She or he will check in with you, to make sure you are returning back as planned. If not alarms will go off.



When you are meeting people, it is always nice to have their Facebook profile. Having them on Facebook means you something about that person, would he or she do something stupid? Don’t trust Facebook, but it says something about that person. Notify someone what you are doing and where. If something goes wrong, there will be alarms going off and people looking for you.



When walking the streets alone, where is the closest café, restaurant,  7eleven or Taxi place? These are things to observe and notice when walking, maybe you need to run in to Café if you are getting strangely followed or something. Don’t walk in quiet streets alone. Go somewhere there is a lot happening. If you scream people will react.



Let me just say this: the city or the country you are visiting are most likely not dangerous. If you have common sense in mind, you will be more than safe in the city you are visiting, as same as you wold at home.


Pay attention to your surroundings and stay confident, fake it if you have to!



4. Hostels and Meeting People

Traveling solo is not lonely when being in Hostels. In all my trips, I have never felt alone for a long time. Because of Hostels, they are great and have all sorts of people from all over the world. Sometimes there will be other solo travelers that support you and maybe follow for a week or two on each others adventures or maybe just one day sightings in the city.

When Feeling Lonely

You are in power to make that change! Put yourself in some social activities, sightings, city tours, pub crawl, diving or whatever you want to explore or learn. In the dorm, you can quickly ask a new roommates if they have dinner plans, most of the time you easily end up having dinner together.


Sometimes I use Tinder, Facebook, Couchsurfing to find cool people to hang out with where I’m visiting. Or I just start chatting with someone in a bar or a restaurant.



The Benefits of Traveling Solo

When there are just one person in a bar, restaurant or on an activity people start easy to talk to that one person. It is less intimidating to talk to one person then five people in a group. People are more brave to talk to one person than five. Because it´s easier to get rejected by one person than instead of people being in a group. It is also more comfortable to invite one person for an adventure or dinner than five people.


In Playa del Carmen in Meixco was the first night I did meet this group of people – I went on a Tinder date and ended up having my best party in Playa del Carmen. Living the moment!


5. Nothing is going to cause you distress

Wake up call, traveling first time as a solo female traveler will have some stress. Traveling around alone and remember everything by yourself can sometimes be challenging, don’t beat yourself up. If you need a day to just catch up with Netflix do it, and the next day you will be ready for new adventures. I watched the latest Fast & Furious movie in Galápagos – I know crazy right? It was so good, I needed it after 10 days with non-stop exploring.


The Reward of Traveling Solo

Traveling solo can also be very rewarding when doing exactly what you want and not something that your friend wanted to do, and you had to follow. Don’t try to do everything on the first trip traveling as a solo female traveler. Don’t over do it. It will kill the joy and your energy.



The Challenge of Traveling Solo

If successful as me a chiropractor in New Zealand will be laughing of your body and ask what did you do to it?I traveled as a solo female traveler, and I learned that I needed more rest days in my trip.



Traveling long time can sometimes be a challenge for your body. Changing bed and pillow every third day can cause a lot of stress for your body, especially back and neck. Be kind to the body and the health. Traveling solo is also the most liberating thing I have done in my life. Make sure to enjoy this empowerment and freedom of traveling first time as Solo Female Traveler.



The best thing about traveling solo is that you decide! Everything is in your own term, you don’t need to rush for anybody. If you want to just be on the beach a whole day, well that’s your choice. There is no reason to rush, no one to please, the only one you have to make sure is having fun is yourself. If you don’t like what you are doing, you can change it at anytime.


Last word of advice: Plan before going.

When you are prepared, you reduce stress and have more time to enjoy.



6.  If Credit’s card get copied or Passport stolen

Before traveling anywhere make sure to have plan B

You never know when there is going to be a bump in the road. Make sure to have more than two credit cards. If possible have 3 credit cards. One you don’t use before you have to use it, in case if the other two have been copied or stolen.


Spread credit cards in different belongings

One card in the backpack, one in the day-pack, one in the handbag. If they manage to steal all your luggage, that is just terrible luck. The same goes for cash; I love putting my money where I have my tampons. Hide them somewhere or everywhere, so there is multiple options when being in crisis.


Get copies of your passport in the backpack, day-pack and handbag

It can seriously save the day your passport get stolen or you have to rush for emergency. Some places when going clubbing in the nigh they will need only a copy of your passport (Australia and New Zealand, have to bring the actually passport when clubbing). This is why there should be copies. You never know when you are going to be unlucky and forget the bag or it get stolen. Copy of the passport, add it on to the phone as well! This is also for the travel insurance document have it one the phone – Saved me that day I was running in to the hospital in Cusco, Peru.


Screenshot everything from passport, travel insurance and tickets. Send it to yourself on email. Then the documents don’t get lost anywhere in the world.





7. Smile you’re traveling

When finally doing your dream and traveling first time as a Solo Female Traveler: you should try to stay positive! This makes a world of difference. What ever that happens will turn into a great story at some point. Enjoy the moment, laugh and smile. In the end it will be unforgettable memories and experience that made and impact on your life and how you are today.


Traveling is a privilege

Traveling is a privilege for many people around the world hence to this you should be grateful for the opportunity you have created. Be thankful that you can travel and explore your horizon in the best way with your own eyes. Appreciate the moment of the world and the people it shares.



Are you a solo female traveler? 

Is there something I should defiantly add-on the list? Please share with me!


Traveling first time as a Solo Female Traveler

7 Great Advice about Traveling First Time as Solo Female Traveler





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