Tranquil & Beautiful Tabarca Island a day trip from Alicante
Europe, Spain

Tranquil & Beautiful Tabarca Island a day trip from Alicante

Tabarca Island around 50 minutes outside of Alicante with the boat and is the only island that is inhabited on the Alicante coast. The island is 1750 meters long, with a maximum breadth of 300 meters and entirely flat. Tabarca…

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The Travel Year 2016 for Pauline Travels | Solo Female Travel Blog
Europe, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden

The Travel Year 2016

The year of 2016 has been a curved time for me. Returning back home from traveling in 2015 and re-adjust to everything have not been easy. Then again is life ever easy? During the time finding my new way of…

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7 Great things to do in Alicante
7 Things to Do Around the World, Europe, Spain, The World

7 Great Things to Do in Alicante

Why go to Alicante? If you need a small getaway with culture, tasty food, and nifty beaches? Alicante is the place for you! It is not a massive city or neither too small; it is perfect for a weekend getaway….

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Panorma view over Puerto rico in Gran Canaria
Europe, Spain, The World

Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria a true charter

Gran Canaria 🇪🇸 It is very interesting to visit something that you normally wouldn’t visit. I can understand why people go: Sun, beach and easy life. It has Norwegian TV, Norwegian Bars, Norwegian staff, Norwegian food and Norwegian people visiting…

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