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7 Great Things to Do in Stockholm

If you want an escape for the relaxed urban traveler, then I would recommend Stockholm the capital of Sweden. It is neither too big or too small; it has the right amount of coziness between 14 islands, ferries and walking around in winding cobblestone streets at the old town. My personal favorite was discovering the locals favorite; Söder or correctly said: Södermalm! Stockholm is elegant, history, food-heaven and welcoming!


1. Breakfast at Pom & Flora

Important things first and that is always breakfast. The Hero, don’t do anything before breakfast. Pom & Flora is the place to be! If you want to be as cool as people from Stockholm, you eat at Pom & Flora. A great breakfast place that let you indulge in overnight-oat with cloudberry and creamy milk, a smoothie of the day and everything your stomach desires.


I have to mention; there is a line to get in, it will get you waiting around 20 minutes to get a table. When standing in line, you are picking your dishes in the menu, and that can take around 20 minutes to decide what you are going to eat first!




2. Discovering Stockholm by Walking & Fika

Walking is what you should do in Stockholm. Personally, I think this is the best way to explore any city! The first day in Stockholm, I went on my private walking tour. Directed by my dear friend Malin that lives in Stockholm and is Swedish. What a Bonus!! 


Stockholm Walking Guide Description

First walking through the most famous square in Stockholm: Sergels Torg, that is where you find the quirky chess floor! Moving on to Kungstädegårsdagatan –  Kings Garden the open public space for people to enjoy Stockholm.


The Royal Palace

Then the Royal Palace, not so important for me. I went on to the side street and discovered: Café Schweizer! What a place! Filled up with decadent Swedish Shrimps Sandwiches and writing all over the walls. Then continue to walk in the Old City; Gamla Stan and Stortoget!


The Old Town

The Old Town is the heart of the city since the 13th century and is filled with cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways, beautiful pastel architecture, the medieval atmosphere is very much alive in Gamle Stan. In Old Town, there are some of Stockholm’s top attractions, including the Stockholm Cathedral, Parliament, the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace. My opinion about the Old Town in Stockholm is that it is a pleasure to stroll around, but also a tourist trap! Everything is pricey and not many authentic Stockholmers on your side table. Stroll around that’s for free and save your hunger for later! Of course, take a picture of Stortoget, and its vibrant atmosphere.



The Hip and Urban Neighborhood: Södermalm

At the end of the Old Town cross over the bridge to the; New urban and hip area of Stockholm: Söder! Going from the old town in Stockholm to Söder, if you don’t feel it maybe you see the change? Suddenly there are plenty of people from Stockholm and Sweden, hustling around getting their groceries, walking in the park or getting their coffee or grabbing a beer. Götgaten, is perfect for discovering more of Stockholm and maybe get some shopping done! If it is Saturday: Get to the Farmers Market at Bonde(gaten; street) means a farmer in Swedish.




Being at Bondegaten – The farmers Street, you have many great options around for lunch! I ended up in Whitman’s Deli! I ordered a spicy lentil soup with sourdough bread and local handcrafted beer (15 USD). Completely ready for more exploring! The waiter was so kind to recharge my phone!


Fotografiske it should be a stop if they have interesting exhibitions. If it is raining one day, then Fotogorafiske is a perfect place to be. Since I had great fall weather, I decided to stay in the sun! I must have something to visit next time when being in Stockholm.


The Google way DAY 1 in Stockholm: – The Walking Guide of Sweden’s Capital

The Google way Day 2 in Stockholm: – Perfect Sunday Stroll in the capital of Sweden’s Capital 


The Walking Guide of Stockholm – Day 1


Concept of Fika also known as the Swedish Coffee Break

Fika is a part of the daily life routine for the Swedish people. Whenever meeting up with friends or walking in the city, it is obligatory to have a Fika, which is a coffee break with a Cinnamon roll or the best cardamom roll. Appreciate this beautiful culture, that devotes time for amusement with friends and people watching.





3. Farmers Market in the Farmer Street

The best part about Farmers Market is that it is the farmer that is left with the profit of the sales! It delighted me to listen about their passion for their crop and nature. In the Farmers Market, I could see honey, potato, mushrooms, cheese, berries and colorful flowers.

4. Strandvägen on Sunday Morning

Stockholmers love walking around in their city especially Sunday morning. Strandvägen is the most decadent street in the city. The architecture is divine! Strolling longs the boardwalk and plan where you will grab the Fika – coffee break. Then continue towards Djurgården – Farm Animals. If you are without kids, skip the Djugården move straight to Rodsendals Trädgard! As for any Scandinavian country, Scandinavian people walk no matter what the weather conditions are; you should become a Viking and walk in the snow, ice and rain and enjoy being a bit badass! Read: Packing to Scandinavia from a Norwegian girl! 






5. Djurgården & Rosendals Trädgård

Rosendals Greenhouse area is the forest in the city and a sanctuary for the people in Stockholm. Walking into the farm and being able to harvest your vegetables and flowers, is one of the better things to do in the city. Being with nature creates a better balance in life, breathing gets better and the heartbeat slower. In the heart of Stockholm, this is where you can find your peace and a delicious carrot soup that have just enough seasoning to warm you up on a chilly fall day in the city.




6.  Panorama of Stockholm on the Rooftop Terrace

Enter the Rooftop Terrace before the blue hour and watch the sun go down or at least go there for a glass of something refreshing and luxuriate in the dazzling view of Stockholm from above. Perfect place for pre-drinks either before dinner or the nightlife in Stockholm.





7. Swedish Famous Meatballs at RICHE

Welcome to Riche; the Swedish Heaven for Meatballs and spotting celebrities! Most of us have tasted Swedish Meatballs from IKEA, that’s fine. At Riche everything is on another level, it is sacred! My Swedish friend, tells me this is the place you have to visit when being in Stockholm. We went! We know, what we wanted! Swedish famous Meatballs were coming straight up! Five perfectly shaped meatballs surrounded in rich gravy. Combined with potato mash that is silky smooth and glossy. For the finish, you have to eat with mountain cranberry and pickle. Then; Welcome to Meatball Heaven! Meatballs will never be the same!


The condiment of mountain cranberry and pickle should only be used on the Meatballs. Do not mix it with anything other. My Swedish friends had a minor heart attack when she watched two tourists put it on the starters of a Swedish Shrimp Sandwich. You are now warned!





Authentic Food Stop at Tranan

If you want something that reminds you of a homecooked meal, but just better. Then you should give Tranan a visit! This is an authentic place to meet and eat. Tranan hadn’t changed much since 1929 when it opened.

The interior, that would today be called minimalist and deliberately simple, was originally not chosen for aesthetic reasons. The furniture in Stockholm’s ”beer cafés” was held by the breweries as a part of the service. Several of the typical brewery furniture standing on Tranan today has been there since the start. The large windows with an unobstructed view from the street was a demand from the local police in the 1930’s. 

To make a reservation, please call 0852728100



Urban Deli at Sofo in Södermalm

Is the best food market and restaurant for a casual gourmet dining experience! Urban Deli is maybe better than Trader Joe,’s if you ask me. I love Trader Joe’s as well. This Urban Deli has a bit of everything gourmet lover can ask for, from warm pastry to cheese and fresh orange juice, you can pick up a small picnic and go to the park next by and have a short lunch break or have brunch in the restaurant.




If you want an escape for the relaxed urban traveler, then I would recommend Stockholm the capital of Sweden. It is neither too big or too small; it has the right amount of coziness between 14 islands, ferries and walking around in winding cobblestone streets at the old town.


Any Stockholm Tips to Add On?