Argentina, South America, Study Abroad

Super excited for my Adventure

I know it´s a bit annoying to be so happy. Please share some of my joy. I finally gonna go on an adventure again and feel free. I’m not gonna be cold anymore, I can walk in summer dresses and not winter jackets. Okay, I’m gonna stop now, so you will continue reading. I have waited for this day, where I was gonna pack my suitcase and have my life in it again. I’m so ready for it! This last few months home in Norway have been wonderful. I truly love Norway and all my friends and family that I have her. For this moment in my life, I have to be somewhere else, somewhere exploring and learning more about life and the world. Yesterday at my goodbye dinner that my lovely friends made for me, they reminded me that in February 2014, on Talalla beach in Sri Lanka, I was talking about that I wanted to complete my Spanish. Now a year lather I’m doing it…I´m gonna live in South America for three months maybe more and learn one more language.

I ready for this new language challenge. My English is almost good, I will have to move on with something new. So now the role is gonna change. I’m gonna be the one that doesn´t understand a shit of what the locals are saying in spanish. It´s gonna be interesting, the next few months. You are more than welcome to follow this roller coaster in Buenos Aires.