7 Great Things to Do in Stockholm on a Weekend + Free Walking Tour
7 Things to Do Around the World, Sweden

7 Great Things to Do in Stockholm

If you want an escape for the relaxed urban traveler, then I would recommend Stockholm the capital of Sweden. It is neither too big or too small; it has the right amount of coziness between 14 islands, ferries and walking…

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The Travel Year 2016 for Pauline Travels | Solo Female Travel Blog
Europe, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden

The Travel Year 2016

The year of 2016 has been a curved time for me. Returning back home from traveling in 2015 and re-adjust to everything have not been easy. Then again is life ever easy? During the time finding my new way of…

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Sailing in Sweden's west coast - Pauline Travels
Europe, Postcard, Sweden

Postcard from Sweden’s West Coast

I went sailing in Sweden’s west coast for a couple of days. It was the perfect getaway for the weekend. My trip started in Grebbestad on Saturday with great company, food and the atmosphere of summer. We had a lovely…

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